Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 1991 Appendix 1

EEO Two-Year Plan 1990 and 1991

The Bank has adopted its third two-year plan for activities related to EEO; the previous plan was set out in the Bank's EEO annual report for 1987/88.

The current plan lists major programmes for the period 1 January 1990 to 30 June 1992, grouping them under three objectives.

Major EEO programmes for the current plan are:

1. Career opportunities

(a) Women


  • to encourage women to participate in training programmes, including for management positions

Flexible work arrangements

  • to encourage more flexible working arrangements

Maternity leave

  • to develop a system to maintain contact with women on maternity leave to encourage return to Bank at a later stage

(b) People from non-English speaking backgrounds

Language sessions

  • to conduct English in the Workplace sessions


  • to encourage other training for people with non-English speaking backgrounds

Skills and qualifications

  • to investigate steps to recognise skills and qualifications obtained in other countries

(c) People with disabilities


  • to develop and implement policy on employment and career opportunities

Survey of facilities

  • to survey Bank buildings to establish what facilities are available for people with disabilities

Job analysis and redesign

  • to identify appropriate jobs for people with disabilities and, where practicable, to redesign jobs

(d) Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders


  • to develop and implement a policy on employment and career opportunities


  • to adopt the most effective ways to recruit Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders


  • to develop relevant training programmes

2. Work environment and nondiscriminatory personnel policies

  1. to monitor personnel policies and practices to ensure there is no discrimination
  2. to ensure effective functioning of grievance procedures
  3. to foster, by training and in other ways, a work environment where individual differences are accepted and valued

3. Information

  1. to distribute material on EEO policies and on progress with the EEO plan, both to managers and supervisors (who are responsible for implementation of EEO programmes) and to staff generally
  2. to hold meetings with staff to provide opportunities to discuss the EEO plan and policies with staff