Integrity Reporting Service (FairCall)

Phone: 1800 077 109

The Reserve Bank's Integrity Reporting Service, called FairCall, can be contacted by phoning either 1800 077 109 or by submitting a form to FairCall.

The Reserve Bank is committed to maintaining an ethical workplace. The Integrity Reporting Service has been established for the reporting of suspected illegal or unethical behaviours involving the Reserve Bank or its employees. This may include:

  • procurement-related corruption;
  • fraud or other types of criminal and unethical behaviour.

The Reserve Bank's Media and Communications Office remains the central point of contact for enquiries about the Reserve Bank's activities and general matters relating to its policies, including the setting of interest rates.

All integrity matters will be promptly reported to the appropriate channels and will be handled with confidentiality and sensitivity. The Reserve Bank's Integrity Reporting Service is provided by KPMG Australia. This service is an independently monitored, external service which provides the option of anonymity to callers. If callers choose to provide their personal information to KPMG Australia then KPMG's Privacy Statement will apply.

Public Interest Disclosure

If you are:

  • a current or former Reserve Bank staff member; or
  • an individual who is or was a contracted service provider to the Reserve Bank, or who is or was employed by a contracted service provider to the Reserve Bank, and in either case involved in providing goods or services to the Reserve Bank,

and you have information about actual, suspected or probable illegal conduct or other wrongdoing at the Reserve Bank or in connection with the relevant contract with the Reserve Bank, you can make a public interest disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (Cth) (PID Act). Other persons working in, or with a relevant connection to, the Commonwealth public sector can also make public interest disclosures. See our Public Interest Disclosure page for information about making a disclosure under the PID Act.