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RBA Glossary definition for liquidity

liquidity – The capacity to sell an asset quickly without significantly affecting the price of that asset. Liquidity is also sometimes used to refer to assets that are highly liquid.

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Liquidity Facilities

9 Feb 2023
Open SF repos have a common use to create a liquidity buffer to facilitate payments. ... have already made reasonable efforts to access private sector sources of liquidity; and.

Committed Liquidity Facility

16 Sep 2022
Related Information. ‘Committed Liquidity Facility’, speech by Chris Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets). ... The Committed Liquidity Facility’, RBA. Bulletin. , September quarter 2019. ‘The Committed Liquidity Facility’, RBA.

Committed Liquidity Facility

20 Nov 2020 Media Releases
The Reserve Bank has announced some adjustments to the Committed Liquidity Facility.

Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
Statistical Tables. This page lists statistical tables for a range of economic and financial data produced by the Reserve Bank of Australia and other organisations. No entries found. Reserve Bank of Australia. Assets and Liabilities. Authorised

The Reserve Bank's Operations – Liquidity, Market Function and Funding

27 Jul 2020 Speech
Christopher Kent
Speech delivered by Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), to KangaNews, Online

Emergency Liquidity Injections

10 Oct 2019 RDP 2019-10
Nicholas Garvin
The model features an endogenous banking crisis, funding and market liquidity interactions, and fire sale externalities. ... This reduces banks' losses on illiquid securities without incentivising more liquidity risk-taking.
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Supporting the Economy and Financial System in Response to COVID-19

9 Mar 2023
The Reserve Bank announced measures to provide liquidity to financial markets in response to the disruptions in March 2020. ... The Reserve Bank injected substantial extra liquidity into the financial system through its daily market operations.

Liquidity and Funding Markets

19 Aug 2013 Conference2013
The Reserve Bank of Australia 2013 conference, ‘Liquidity and Funding Markets’

The Rise in Household Liquidity

10 Nov 2021 RDP 2021-10
Gianni La Cava and Lydia Wang
The growth in liquidity is closely connected to developments in the housing market. ... Overall, the rise in household liquidity appears to have increased the financial resilience of the household sector.
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Consumption and Liquidity Constraints in Australia and East Asia: Does Financial Integration Matter?

1 May 1996 RDP 9602
Gordon de Brouwer
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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