Search Help

The search engine will retrieve as many documents and pages containing entered terms as possible. The following tips can help you to better understand how to search and retrieve targeted results. The Advanced Search allows you to specify more information of what you are after, which helps refine the results.

1. How do I perform a simple search?

Search for any web page or document on the website by typing one or more terms in the search box. Then, either click on the displayed Search button, or press the ENTER key on your computer keyboard.

A new page with the results of your search will appear. These results are compiled using all of the terms you entered in the search box, with the most relevant results displayed at the top of the list. Click on the Date link to sort results by date instead of relevance.

Terms may be entered without commas and without common words like a, for and the.


A search for the speech: Recent Developments in the Housing Market and its Financing

may be typed as:

Recent Developments Housing Market Financing


As you type words into fields, you will find auto suggestions for your next word(s). A dropdown list of suggestions will change as you add more characters to the search input. These suggestions are designed to make it faster to complete searches that you are beginning to type, and aid in using correct terminology, publication and report names. Suggestion terms have been added to provide you with an even more powerful experience.

2. How do I refine the Search results?

One option is to filter the results by using the check boxes on the left hand side of the results, for example, select from Media Releases, Speeches, Statistic Research or a particular publication to show results only from the selected sections.

Similarly, you can select file types, if you are after a Word doc, HTML or PDF.


3,362 search results for Recent Developments Housing Market Financing can be filtered by selecting:

Speeches (as the preferred category type)

PDF (as the preferred category type)

By selecting Speeches, results are filtered to 405 results, 60 of which are offered as a PDF.

3. How do I use the Advanced Search?

You can access the Advanced Search by clicking on the Search button, on the home page without entering anything in the Search field. It will take you directly to the advanced search function page.

Alternatively you can refine your search results by clicking on the Advanced Search button on the Search results page. These options allow you to refine or narrow your results.

Not all sections or fields are required. Following your selection, click on the Search button to refresh your results list. If you wish to deselect your choices, click on the Reset button to undo your last choices.

You can pick and choose fields from the following sections.

The fields under Contents include the following choices:

This field will populate with the keywords you entered in the simple search field.

Type the important words keywords: future

Enter in an exact phrase: recent developments

Enter a word you want to exclude from your search

The fields under Metadata include the following choices:

The exact title of a document, speech or publication: Bulletin

Type a name: Michele Bullock, Alexandra Heath

Type the important words keywords: future, housing

Select a file format: PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich text or Word doc

The fields under Published include the following choices:

Enter a Year, Month and/or Day: allows for a search before and after specific dates.

The fields under Display include the following choices:

Relevance, Date and Title in alphabetical order: allows for the search results to be listed in your preferred order. The default view for displaying the results is Relevance, allowing the results that have more bearing on the keywords to be listed first. You can toggle between the two of them on your results page.

The fields under Results include the following choices:

Much like the function of the check boxes on the left hand side of the search results, these choices allow you to explore within titles. Select from Media Releases, Speeches, Statistic Research or a particular publication to show results only from the selected sections.