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RBA Glossary definition for central bank

central bank – A non-commercial bank, which may or may not be independent of government, which has some or all of the following functions: conduct monetary policy; oversee the stability of the financial system; issue currency notes; act as banker to the government; supervise financial institutions and regulate payments systems.

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Speeches – 2023

31 Dec 2023
Speeches by senior staff of the Reserve Bank


31 Dec 2023 SMP
The Reserve Bank issues a Statement on Monetary Policy four times a year. These statements assess current economic conditions and the prospects for inflation and output growth. These statements have replaced the Semi-Annual Statements on Monetary

Reserve Bank of Australia

26 Sep 2023
We are Australia's central bank. We conduct monetary policy, work to maintain a strong financial system and issue the nation's currency.

RBA Annual Conferences

26 Sep 2023 Conferences
The Bank's Economic Group holds an annual Conference, the proceedings of which are published. The Conference Volume, containing revised papers and discussions, is released in hard copy and on the website within three months of the conference


26 Sep 2023 Conferences Conference 2023
Draft papers and presentations presented at Reserve Bank of Australia 2023 Conference


25 Sep 2023
Listing of RBA media resource material including: Freedom of Information Guidelines; Upcoming Lock-ups; Lock-up Procedures; Bank Logos Image Library; Bank Board Members Image Library; and Bank Building Image Library.

How High Inflation is Affecting Different Australian Households

25 Sep 2023 Conferences PDF 2011KB
RBA Annual Conference 2023

Pandemic-era Inflation Drivers and Global Spillovers

25 Sep 2023 Conferences PDF 482KB
RBA Annual Conference 2023

Monetary Policy Frameworks Away from the ELB

25 Sep 2023 Conferences PDF 3598KB
RBA Annual Conference 2023

Recent Trends in Australian Productivity

21 Sep 2023 Bulletin – September 2023
Angelina Bruno, Jessica Dunphy and Fiona Georgiakakis
This article discusses the trends in Australia’s productivity growth before, during and since the pandemic and the implications for the economic outlook.