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RBA Glossary definition for bid

bid – The price offered to purchase securities in the primary market. In relation to a tender, a bid also includes the volume willing to be bought at the price offered.

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Asymmetric Information and Bid-ask Spreads in the Eurocurrency Markets

1 Oct 1987 RDP 8707
Malcolm L. Edey
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Changes to the Reserve Bank's Domestic Market Operations in the Transition Phase to Real-time Gross Settlement

9 May 1996 Media Releases
Announces changes to the RBA's Domestic Markets Operations to be introduced in June to August 1986

Videos | Education

4 May 2023
Videos. Our videos bring to life economic developments and concepts, as well as interesting topics such as why economics is important and what economists do. NEW. Student Webinar: Economic Update – as at 13 September 2023. 13 September 2023. A

Review of the Bond Purchase Program

9 Mar 2023
Portfolio rebalancing. – The accumulation of government bonds by the central bank bids up their price as other assets are only imperfect substitutes, removes interest rate risk from the market, reduces term

Review of the Yield Target

22 Mar 2023
In March 2020, the Reserve Bank Board introduced a target for the yield on the three-year Australian Government bond which was discontinued in November 2021. This review examines the experience with the yield target and draws lessons from this

Inter-Govt Govt Inter- bank Govt Federal Treasury security Prime ...

3 Sep 2023 Statistics PDF 187KB
The US ‘10-year government security yields’ refer to bid yields. The ‘Prime loan rate’ is the rate posted by the majority of the top 25 insured US-chartered commercial banks


20 Oct 2014 RDP PDF 590KB
ASY.2ETRIC INFORMATION AND BID-ASK. SPREADS IN THE EUROCURRENCY MARKETS. MalcolmL. Edey. ... security dealer. The size of the equilibrium bid-ask spread is shown to.

The Yield and Market Function Effects of the Reserve Bank of Australia's Bond Purchases

24 May 2022 RDP 2022-02
Richard Finlay, Dmitry Titkov and Michelle Xiang
We also find that such purchases led to lower yields as and when they were implemented, and that they supported market function by lowering bid-offer spreads.

FSR March 2007 List of tables

10 Mar 2007 FSR – March 2007
j). –. 12.0. Market liquidity. 35. Average bid-ask spread in the securities market (percentage of mid-point price). –.