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RBA Glossary definition for bankruptcy

bankruptcy – A legal status, which can be initiated by a creditor or person concerned, whereby the bankrupt's property is vested in a trustee and, with the exception of certain personal and professional property, is available for distribution to creditors.

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The RBA Committed Liquidity Facility

16 Nov 2011 Media Releases
As foreshadowed last December, the Reserve Bank will provide a committed liquidity facility (CLF) as part of Australia's implementation of the Basel III liquidity reforms

Services Contract

5 Jan 2021 PDF 639KB
iii) being an individual, commits an act of bankruptcy, becomes a bankrupt, executes a deed of assignment or deed of arrangement under Part 10 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 or a

Recent Trends in Australian Banks' Bond Issuance

10 Mar 2010 Bulletin – March 2010
Susan Black, Anthony Brassil and Mark Hack
Graph 1. Bank bond issuance globally slowed sharply in September and October 2008, amid the renewed disruption to global credit markets following the failure of Lehman Brothers and the near-bankruptcy


9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-05
Second, debt covenants are widely used in financial contracts (Bradley and Roberts 2015), and violations of their terms occur more frequently than defaults or bankruptcies (Dichev and Skinner 2002; Nini, Smith

Financial Crises and Globalisation

15 Jul 1999 Speech
Stephen Grenville
Address by Stephen Grenville to The Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee Conference, ‘International Capital Mobility and Domestic Economic Stability’ Canberra on 15 July 1999

Discussion of The Economic Trends, Challenges and Behaviour of Small Businesses in Australia

20 Aug 2015 Conferences PDF 104KB
RBA Conference Volume 2015

The Asian Crisis: A Retrospective

18 Jul 2007 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Speech by Glenn Stevens to the Anika Foundation Luncheon supported by Australian Business Economists and Macquarie Bank, Sydney

The Global Financial Environment

7 Oct 2022 FSR – October 2022
Partly as a result, several large crypto lending platforms, including Celsius and Voyager, were unable to meet withdrawal requests from investors and some have since declared bankruptcy.

Discussion | Conference – 2015

19 Mar 2015 Conferences
Finally, the participant proposed that improving Australia's bankruptcy laws might encourage entrepreneurial risk-taking. ... The participant also suggested that there are cultural stigmas around bankruptcy, possibly harking back to the notion of debtors'

The Financial Position of Australian Unlisted Businesses

10 Dec 2010 Bulletin – December 2010
Tom Bilston and Melissa Watson
Business-related bankruptcies have risen since March 2009, but remain only slightly above their long-run average and are still substantially below the levels seen in the early 1990s. ... Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA) data suggest that