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RBA Glossary definition for balance of payments

balance of payments – A summary of the economic transactions between residents of one country and residents of other countries.

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Changes to Statistical Tables

4 Sep 2023 Statistics
US Dollar Exchange Rates and Gold Price – F12. Balance of Payments – Financial Account – I3. ... It also offers a simpler way of addressing payments and allows more complete information to be sent with the payment than in the legacy interbank

Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 1999 Bulletin – May 1999
This shift in the balance of risks on the growth outlook, and the inflation forecast suggesting outcomes consistent with the target over the coming year, have been the key elements in ... To enable banks and other financial intermediaries to resume


14 Jun 2023 Statistics
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Appendix A. Model Specification for RBA76

1 Sep 1979 RDP 7904
John C. Taylor
NCT. Notes, coin and cash balances with the Reserve Bank of all trading banks. ... YHNP. Income base for non-PAYE tax payments. YWSS. Wages, salaries and supplements.
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Conference in Applied Economic Research

4 Dec 1979 Conference1979
The Reserve Bank of Australia 1979 conference is on the topic: ‘Name of Conference’

8/28/2019 A Balance of Payments | Speeches ...

28 Aug 2019 PDF 374KB
Speech. A Balance of Payments. Guy Debelle Deputy Governor. Address to the Economic Society of Australia Canberra – 27 August 2019. ... The income balance has widened a little in. 8/28/2019 A Balance of Payments | Speeches | RBA.

Quarterly Report on the Economy and Financial Markets

10 Jan 1995 Bulletin – January 1995
In underlying terms (i.e. abstracting from sales of existing assets and redundancy payments), it could reach 3 per cent of GDP, somewhat above the Budget forecast of 3.4 per ... The change mainly reflects increased state expenditures. Despite a good

Macroeconomic Policies and Growth | Conference – 1995

10 Jul 1995 Conferences
Palle Andersen and David Gruen
interest, the real exchange rate and the current account of the balance of payments. ... with a discussion of possible balance-of-payments constraints on growth and the role of national saving.

Quarterly Report on the Economy and Financial Markets

10 Oct 1995 Bulletin – October 1995
Most importantly, and in contrast to the previous quarter, data on Australia's balance of payments showed a marked reduction in the current account deficit. ... Since then, however, strong demand by Japanese investors and factors specific to Australian

The Balance of Payments in the 1980s

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 2310KB
ABSTRACT. This paper examines the behaviour of the balance of payments in the 1980s. ... importing". 3. In the event, pessimism about the balance of payments soon returned.