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ECM – Error-correction ratio

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MARTIN Has Its Place: A Macroeconometric Model of the Australian Economy

1 Aug 2019 RDP 2019-07
Alexander Ballantyne, Tom Cusbert, Richard Evans, Rochelle Guttmann, Jonathan Hambur, Adam Hamilton, Elizabeth Kendall, Rachael McCririck, Gabriela Nodari and Daniel Rees
In all the ECM equations, the symbol. γ. is the speed of adjustment parameter and error. ... We model dwelling investment using an ECM with consumption, real mortgage interest rates and the relative price of dwelling investment.
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The Impact of Superannuation on Household Saving

3 Mar 2004 RDP PDF 151KB
20. Table 3: ECM Results for Saving Equations – Long-run CoefficientsSample: 1966/67–2001/02. ... Standard errors on the long-run variables in the ECMs are calculated using a Bewley-Transformation andare Newey-West corrected for heteroskedasticity.

documents produced since 1 January 2014 in relation to the appropriate level of the exchange rate

12 Sep 2014 PDF 822KB
appropriate level of the exchange rate


1 Jul 2016 RDP 2016-05
Christian Gillitzer and Angus Moore
Our findings of highly persistent deviations from the law of one price imply a very slow speed of adjustment in aggregate error correction models (ECMs) of import prices. ... the ECM they use imposes the law of one price, first-stage pass-through is
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Discussion of Determinants of Agricultural and Mineral Commodity Prices

10 May 2010 Conferences PDF 186KB
RBA Conference Volume 2009


1 Dec 1989 RDP 8910
Tracey Horton and Jenny Wilkinson
Finally, the full error correction models (ECM) are estimated. Initially four lags of each of the differenced explanators are included, and then the insignificant explanators are dropped from the equation to
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Discussion on Determinants of Agricultural and Mineral Commodity Prices | Conference – 2009

17 Aug 2009 Conferences
One way of modelling this short-run dependence might be to estimate a seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) on individual error correction mechanism (ECM) relationships. ... A VECM or system ECM approach might shed some different light on what drives

Microeconomics of the Australian Labour Market | Conference – 1998

9 Jun 1998 Conferences
John Freebairn
Stacey and Downes (1995). Neoclassical firm investment, employment and pricing. 1971(1)–1995(1) ECM.

Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: A Generalization

3 Dec 2007 Research Workshop PDF 323KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Workshop 2007: Monetary Policy in Open Economies

Trade Invoicing Currency and First-stage Exchange Rate Pass-through

21 Jun 2016 RDP PDF 1136KB
aggregate error correction models (ECMs) of import prices. Third, we show that invoicing currency. ... Our results imply. that the speed of adjustment in an ECM framework for exchange rate changes to import prices.