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Internationalisation and the Macroeconomy | Conference – 1994

11 Jul 1994 Conferences
David Gruen and Geoffrey Shuetrim
Thus, we make no allowance for policy reaction to the terms of trade shock. ... Base case (no foreign measure). 0.32. 0.31. OECD GDP. 0.32. 0.02.

Dimensions, Structure and History of Australian Unemployment

7 Dec 2006 Conferences PDF 110KB
RBA Conference Volume 1998

The Australian Labour Market in the 1990s

24 Nov 2006 Conferences PDF 113KB
RBA Conference Volume 2000

Superannuation and Saving

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 102KB
Source: ABS Cat. No. 5204.0, Table 49; ABS Cat. No. 5232.0, Table 21; Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin,Tables C.12, C.13 and C.15. ... Source: ABS Cat. No. 5204.0, Tables 49 and 50; Employer and employee inflows data are available from1973/74 and total

Foreign Currency Exposure and Hedging in Australia

7 Dec 2017 Bulletin – December 2017
Laura Berger-Thomson and Blair Chapman
The latest Survey of Foreign Currency Exposure confirms that Australian entities' financial positions are well protected against a depreciation of the Australian dollar. Consistent with previous surveys, the net foreign currency exposures of the

Labour-Productivity Growth and Relative Wages: 1978–1994 | Conference – 1995

31 Dec 1978 Conferences
Philip Lowe
Source: ABS Cat. No. 8638.0, 1981/82 and 1991/92. 3.1.3 The retail industry. ... Source: ABS Cat. No. 8623.1. Value added per employee tends to be highest in those sub-sectors selling high-value goods such as furniture and motor vehicles.

Evaluating Simple Monetary-policy Rules for Australia | Conference – 1997

21 Jul 1997 Conferences
Gordon de Brouwer and James O'Regan
In other words, they are no-policy-change forecasts. These forecasts are calculated for the current period and for the next six periods out.

The Macroeconomics of Australian Unemployment

7 Dec 2006 Conferences PDF 108KB
RBA Conference Volume 1998

Consumption, Investment and International Linkages

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 171KB
a unit root and no trendbeing marginal. ... The latter period yields no significantresults. For the earlier period a coefficient value of 0.2 was estimated for the growthof US output when the preferred instrument set was used.

Estimating the Effects of Monetary Policy in Australia Using Sign-restricted Structural Vector Autoregressions

29 Dec 2022 RDP PDF 1886KB
1 I make no distinction between the effects of anticipated (or ‘systematic’) changes in the cash rate and unanticipated.