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RBA Glossary definition for AUD

AUD – Australian dollar (ISO 4217 currency code); A$ is more commonly used.

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December: 1997-Sample Questionnaire

9 Mar 2023 Media Release
Australian Dollar (AUD). US Dollar (USD). Japanese Yen (JPY). New Zealand Dollar (NZD). ... 5. Please indicate how your institution routinely settles foreign exchange related AUD transactions.

US Economic Data and the Australian Dollar

10 Jul 2009 Bulletin – July 2009
Kim Edwards
who examine the effects of US economic data ‘surprises’ on the AUD/USD exchange rate. ... one standard deviation) on AUD/USD. (p-value). (a). Normal. 0.037. (0.00). High.

The Australian Foreign Exchange Market

17 Nov 2006 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech by Guy Debelle to Insto's Foreign Exchange Conference, Sydney

Material Developments | Assessment of LCH Limited's SwapClear Service

9 Mar 2023
service in Australia) settle AUD obligations using the Australian PPS (CCP Standard 9). ... To date, no participants or clients have posted AUD cash as initial margin.

December: 1997-Introduction

9 Mar 2023 Media Release
what are the implications of settlement practices in Australia for domestic and offshore traders of the AUD; and. ... Chapter 4 provides analysis of the settlement risk profile for foreign exchange transactions that involve the AUD.

December: 1997-Currency Data

9 Mar 2023 Media Release
644,033. 2. AUD (vostro). 13. n.a. 646,922. 729,093. n.a. BDT. 1. ... ZAR. 5. 4. 0. 1. 200. 206. 22. Values round to zero when converted into AUD equivalents.

Liquidity in the Interdealer Foreign Exchange Market

10 Dec 2008 Bulletin – December 2008
Emily Poole and Patrick D'Arcy
This article examines several indicators of liquidity in the interdealer foreign exchange market for AUD/USD. ... of the AUD/USD spot market, particularly during periods of heightened volatility such as that seen since August 2007.

Drivers of the Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

24 May 2023 PDF 388KB
AUD supply. RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA | Education 4 Drivers of the Australian Dollar Exchange Rate. ... Foreign exchange interventionDysfunctional foreign exchange market. FX Market. Buyers of AUDSellers of AUD.

The Future of Cash

15 Dec 2016 Bulletin – December 2016
Cassie Davies, Mary-Alice Doyle, Chay Fisher and Samual Nightingale
Australian consumers have increasingly been using electronic payment methods in preference to cash for their transactions. The overall demand for cash in Australia, however, remains strong. There is ongoing demand for cash for non-transaction

The Stance of Monetary Policy in a World of Numerous Tools

20 Oct 2020 Speech
Christopher Kent
Speech delivered by Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), to the IFR Australia DCM Roundtable Webinar, Online