Submission to the Financial System Inquiry – August 2015 List of Graphs


Graph 1: Credit Card Annual Fees

Graph 2: Type of Credit Card Held

Graph 3: Type of Credit Card Held

Graph 4: Card Transactions per Capita

Graph 5: Payment Card Transactions

Graph 6: Use of Debit and Credit Cards – 2013

Graph 7: Cardholder Repayment Behaviour

Graph 8: Direct Resource Costs

Graph 9: Credit Card Rewards and Interchange Fees

Graph 10: Merchant Service Fees

Graph 11: Balances Outstanding on Credit and Charge Cards

Graph 12: Household and Credit Card Debt

Graph 13: Banks' Credit Card Performance

Graph 14: Distribution of Credit Card Interest Rates

Graph 15: Advertised Interest Rates

Graph 16: Outstanding Interest Rates

Graph 17: Interest Spreads to Funding Costs

Graph 18: Number of ATMs

Graph 19: Cash Withdrawals, Number

Graph 20: Withdrawal Method by Geographical Area

Graph 21: ATM Withdrawals


Figure 1: Stylised Flows in a Card Transaction