Submission to the Inquiry into Competition within the Australian Banking Sector List of graphs

Graph 1: Credit

Graph 2: Credit Growth

Graph 3: Share of Housing Credit Funded by Securitisation

Graph 4: Lenders' Shares of Housing Credit

Graph 5: Share of Owner-occupier Loan Approvals

Graph 6: Banks' Share of Intermediaries' Assets

Graph 7: Business Credit by Type of Borrower

Graph 8: Banks' Commercial Property Exposures

Graph 9: Major Banks' Wholesale Funding Spreads

Graph 10: Funding Composition of Banks in Australia

Graph 11: Major Banks' Deposit Rates

Graph 12: Major Banks' Pricing of Term Deposits and Bonds

Graph 13: Major Banks' Bond Pricing

Graph 14: Bank Bill Spread to OIS

Graph 15: Australian RMBS

Graph 16: Major Banks' Average Funding Costs

Graph 17: Variable Lending Rates

Graph 18: Variable Housing Lending Rates

Graph 19: Effective Variable Mortgage Rates

Graph 20: Interest Margins on Variable-rate Mortgages

Graph 21: Interest Margins on Variable-rate Mortgages

Graph 22: Small Business Variable Interest Rates

Graph 23: Indicator Rates on Small Business Variable-rate Loans

Graph 24: Spreads on Outstanding Business Loans

Graph 25: Average Interest Rates on Outstanding Business Lending

Graph 26: Major Banks' Net Interest Margin

Graph 27: Banks' Net Interest Margin

Graph 28: Average Rates on Major Banks' Outstanding Lending and Funding

Graph 29: Banks' Fee Income – Majors

Graph 30: Direct Charges for Withdrawals

Graph 31: Composition of ATM Withdrawals

Graph 32: Australian Major Banks' Return on Equity

Graph 33: Return on Equity

Graph 34: Return on Equity

Graph 35: Banks' Loan Loss Provisioning and Reserves

Graph 36: ADI Deposits

Graph 37: Bond Issuance