Media Release Changes to Heads of Department in Economic and Financial Markets Groups

The following changes to Heads of Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia have been made.

  • Dr Jonathan Kearns has transferred to Head of Domestic Markets in the Financial Markets Group from Head of Financial Stability Department in the Financial System Group.

    Photograph of Jonathan Kearns
  • Dr Marion Kohler has transferred to Head of Economic Analysis Department in the Economic Group from Head of Domestic Markets in the Financial Markets Group.

    Photograph of Marion Kohler

These changes follow the appointment of Dr Brad Jones to Assistant Governor, Financial System from Head of Economic Analysis and the secondment of Dr Alex Heath to the Commonwealth Treasury to work on the white paper on employment. Dr Heath was previously Head of International Department in the Financial Markets Group.

These changes open two senior positions within the Bank: Head of International and Head of Financial Stability, both of which will be advertised internally and externally. The advertisements can be accessed on the careers page of the Bank's website from Monday.

More information on the responsibilities of these departments is available here.


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