Registry Services

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) provides registry services to the following official foreign institutions who have Australian Dollar denominated debt issuance programmes:

  • Asian Development Bank
  • African Development Bank
  • Council of Europe Development Bank
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • International Finance Corporation
  • International Finance Facility for Immunisation
  • Nordic Investment Bank

Services provided include:

  • Issuance of securities
  • Transfer and registration of securities
  • Distribution of interest payments and redemption proceeds at maturity

Additionally, the RBA provides encashment of physical securities in circulation on behalf of the Australian Office of Financial Management for Australian Government Securities.

The Commonwealth Registry of Inscribed Stock is no longer maintained by the RBA. Computershare Investor Services commenced management of this registry on 4 February 2014. All Commonwealth Registry enquiries should be directed to Computershare:

Phone (Australia) 1800 674 996
Phone (International) +61 3 9415 4390