New Payments Platform – Banking Services

The Reserve Bank is a participant in the New Payments Platform (NPP) in its capacity as banker to the Australian Government and its Departments and agencies. The Reserve Bank is making the following NPP services available from the commencement of NPP:

  • payments to recipients whose accounts are reachable via NPP
  • the collection of public monies.

The Bank is working closely with government agencies to ensure that they are well positioned to take full advantage of the capabilities that the new NPP infrastructure will provide. A number of projects are already underway to enable recipients of government payments to receive these in real time. However each Government Department or agency will determine its own timeframe for moving to NPP services.

All government accounts at the Reserve Bank will be reachable for the collection of monies via NPP.

The Reserve Bank does not offer any banking or related services, including NPP, to the public or non-government commercial entities.