About the Securitisations Industry Forum

The RBA Securitisations Industry Forum was set up to facilitate communication between the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Information Providers (IPs) to help ensure a smooth transition to the RBA's new repo eligibility criteria for asset-backed securities. This site contains information intended to help IPs comply with the reporting requirements for repo-eligible securitisations. It includes all official advice in relation to the reporting requirements (see Securitisation System, Implementation Arrangements, Data to be Reported and Reporting Guidelines). This Securitisation Industry Forum will be used to communicate with Industry as necessary and this site is intended to be the point of contact at the RBA for all industry enquiries about the reporting requirements, which can be sent to ssc@rba.gov.au as indicated on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this site.

If you intend on submitting data as part of the reporting requirements for repo-eligibility and/or registering as an IP, refer to the Forms.