Personal Information Collection Notice for Securitisation System Users

The Reserve Bank of Australia (Reserve Bank) collects personal information regarding the information provider's individual nominated users including their name, role and contact details (which are collected via forms submitted to the Reserve Bank) and their email address and phone number (which are collected via the Securitisation System website) (together, the Information) in order to set up and maintain the Securitisation System to allow securitisation data submissions from the nominated users, and to enable the Reserve Bank to contact users to provide administrative and technical support in relation to the Securitisation System.

If the Information were not collected then the Reserve Bank would not be able to provide the nominated users with access to the Securitisation System, or to contact the user in order to provide System support.

The Information is of a kind which the Reserve Bank will usually disclose to its information technology contractor Moody's Analytics Australia Pty Ltd (Moody's Analytics) as necessary in order to enable Moody's Analytics to provide technical support for the Securitisation System. Moody's Analytics provides support services for the Securitisation System to the Reserve Bank and will owe a duty of confidentiality to the Reserve Bank in respect of the Information. Moody's Analytics' technical support may be provided by a member of Moody's Analytics' global support team (including its permitted contractors) located in the United States, United Kingdom and/or India. Accordingly, the Information may be disclosed to recipients in the United States, United Kingdom and India for the purposes of providing technical support for the Securitisation System.

Individuals are entitled under Australian privacy law in certain circumstances to access, and seek correction of, personal information about them held by the Reserve Bank. If you wish to access or update the personal information the Reserve Bank holds about you, or if you have an enquiry or complaint about how the Reserve Bank handles personal information, you can contact the Reserve Bank's Privacy Officer by email to or by phone on (02) 9551 8111. More information about access, correction and complaints is in the Reserve Bank's Privacy Policy available on its website at