Background to the Reporting Requirements for Repo Eligible Securitisations

The Reserve Bank Australia's (RBA) contingent exposure to asset-backed securities (ABS) is expected to increase significantly in coming years due to the introduction of new liquidity facilities to aid same-day settlement of direct entry payments and to allow APRA-approved ‘scenario-analysis’ authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) to meet part of their liquidity requirements through the RBA's committed liquidity facility (CLF). See Liquidity Facilities for more information. Accordingly, the RBA requires more comprehensive and standardised information on ABS that are eligible for use under repurchase agreement (repo) with the Bank. The information allows the Bank to enhance its risk management framework of such securities. Another important objective of the reporting requirements is to promote broader transparency in the securitisation market.

For detailed guidance regarding data to be reported, refer to Data to be Reported.