Bulletin – March 2011 Description for Figure 1 in article: The Iron Ore, Coal and Gas Sectors

This figure shows reserves of Australian Natural Gas and Major LNG Projects:

Figure 1: Australian Natural Gas Resources and Major LNG Projects
Gas Deposit Location Projects (Committed and Under Consideration)
North West Australia
Conventional Natural Gas Resources(a) Carnarvon Basin Scarborough Gas
Pluto LNG
Gorgon LNG
North West Shelf LNG
Wheatstone LNG
Browse Basin Browse LNG
Prelude LNG
Bonaparte Basin Sunrise
Darwin LNG
Central Australia
Unconventional Natural Gas Resources(b) Cooper Basin / Eromanga Basin  
Unconventional Natural Gas Resources(c) Surat Basin / Bowen Basin / Denison Basin Australia Pacific LNG
Gladstone LNG
Shell Australia LNG
Queensland Curtis LNG
(a) Australia currently uses conventional gas resources from offshore fields for its LNG production.
(b) Shale gas is an onshore natural gas that is trapped within shale formations (i.e. fine-grained sedimentary rocks).
(c) Coal seam gas, also known as coal seam methane (CSM), is an onshore natural gas released after removing water from the coal seam which reduces water pressure and allows the gas to be released from the coal seams.

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