Media Release 2024 Reserve Bank Board Meeting Dates

The Reserve Bank of Australia has published the dates for meetings of the Reserve Bank Board, and the related announcements and publications, in 2024.

As announced by the Governor recently, from February 2024 the Reserve Bank Board will meet eight times each year. The meetings will be longer than is currently the case, typically starting on the Monday afternoon and then continuing on the Tuesday morning.

The outcome of the meeting will be announced at 2.30 pm on the second day, and the Governor will hold a media conference at 3.30 pm. The minutes of the monetary policy meeting will continue to be published two weeks after each meeting. The quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy will be released at the same time as the outcome of the Board meeting in February, May, August and November.

2024 Reserve Bank Board meetings

  • 5–6 February
  • 18–19 March
  • 6–7 May
  • 17–18 June
  • 5–6 August
  • 23–24 September
  • 4–5 November
  • 9–10 December.

The dates for meetings of the Reserve Bank Board in 2023 remain unchanged.


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