Media Release Appointments to the Reserve Bank Board

The Governor, Glenn Stevens, warmly welcomes the appointment of Philip Lowe as the next Governor. He said:

‘It is a superb appointment. There could be no one better qualified than Phil Lowe to lead the Bank through the next seven years. The Bank will be in the very best of hands.’

On his appointment, the Deputy Governor, Philip Lowe, said:

‘I am deeply honoured by the appointment and very much look forward to continuing the important work that the Bank's Boards and staff undertake for the people of Australia.’

Noting the Treasurer's intention to appoint Ian Harper to the Reserve Bank Board, Glenn Stevens also said:

‘Ian will bring experience, economic expertise and commercial acumen to his role on the Reserve Bank Board. Phil and I look forward to working with him.

I express my gratitude to John Edwards for his service to the Reserve Bank Board over the past five years. The calibre of his independent thinking and his collegiate manner have been hallmarks of a fine contribution to policymaking and have been highly valued by all around the board table.’


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