Media Release Next Generation of Banknotes: Plans for the $5 Design Reveal

The Bank announced on 11 February that the new $5 banknote would be issued from 1 September 2016.

The Bank has been working closely with a range of stakeholders over the past seven years to ensure that when the new series of banknotes are issued, the public can use them effectively in their day-to-day lives. Important aspects of a smooth transition to the new banknotes are making sure that machines that take or dispense banknotes have been upgraded and that the new banknotes are available across the country. As part of this process, the Bank intends to publish images of the new $5 banknote on 12 April.

The reveal of the $5 banknote designs will be followed later in the year by a multi-channel public awareness campaign to ensure the public are able to identify and use the range of new security features on the new banknotes when they are issued from 1 September.

Note to editors

The Bank has previously announced that the denominations in the new banknote series will be the same basic colours, sizes and include the same people as those in the existing series. It has also indicated that the new banknotes will include a ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.


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