Media Release Financial Corporations Act 1974

The Governor of the Reserve Bank has the powers under the Financial Corporations Act 1974 relating to:

  • categorisation of registered corporations; and
  • exemption of corporations from the application of the Act.

Attached to this Media Release are copies of orders made under the abovementioned powers. Complete lists of registered corporations by category and exempt corporations as at 30 September 2001 are available on the Reserve Bank web site at


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Reserve Bank of Australia
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Financial Corporations Act 1974

I, I.J. Macfarlane, GOVERNOR OF THE RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA, pursuant to Subsection 10(2) of the Financial Corporations Act 1974, hereby make the following variation to the list of registered corporations as published in the Reserve Bank of Australia Media Release No: 2001-14 4 July 2001:

(a) Include in Category D (Money Market Corporations)

J.P. Morgan Markets Australia Pty Limited, Victoria
Salomon Smith Barney Australia Securities Pty Limited, N.S.W.

(b) Omit from Category D (Money Market Corporations)

Corot Pty Limited, A.C.T.
J.P. Morgan Australia Pty Limited, Victoria

(c) Include in Category F (Finance Companies)

Provident Capital Limited, N.S.W.

(d) Include in Category G (General Financiers)

Agfa Finance Pty Ltd, Victoria
Komatsu Australia Corporate Finance Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Lumley Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Palandri Finance Ltd, W.A.

(e) Omit from Category G (General Financiers)

National Mutual Security Limited, Victoria
NS Komatsu Finance Pty Ltd, N.S.W.

Dated 4 October 2001

I.J. Macfarlane
Reserve Bank of Australia