Media Release Financial Corporations Act 1974

The Governor of the Reserve Bank has the powers under the Financial Corporations Act 1974 relating to:

  • categorisation of registered corporations; and
  • exemption of corporations from the application of the Act.

Attached to this Media Release are:

  • copies of orders made under the abovementioned powers; and
  • complete lists, as at 30 June 2000, of:
    • registered corporations by category, and
    • exempt corporations.


Carl Schwartz
Economic Analysis Department
(02) 9551 8851

Manager, Information Office
Reserve Bank of Australia
SYDNEY (02) 9551 8111

Financial Corporations Act 1974

I, I.J. Macfarlane, GOVERNOR OF THE RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA, pursuant to Subsection 10(2) of the Financial Corporations Act 1974, hereby make the following variation to the list of registered corporations as published in the Reserve Bank of Australia Media Release No: 99-06 of 2 July 1999, subsequently varied as published in the Reserve Bank of Australia Media Release No: 1999-10 of 11 October 1999 and No: 2000-02 of 13 January 2000 and No: 2000-09 of 6 April 2000:

(a) Omit from Category D (Money Market Corporations)

Mitsubishi Trust Australia Ltd, N.S.W.
Warburg Dillon Read (Australia) Holdings Ltd, N.S.W.
Warburg Dillon Read Australia Ltd, A.C.T.

(b) Include in Category D (Money Market Corporations)

Chase Global Capital Limited, N.S.W.
UBS Warburg Australia Ltd, A.C.T.
UBS Warburg Australia Holdings Limited, N.S.W.

(c) Include in Category E (Pastoral Finance Companies)

AWB Finance Limited, Victoria

(d) Omit from Category F (Finance Companies)

debis Financial Services (Australia) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Mercedes-Benz Finance (Australia) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
RESI-Statewide Mortgage Corporation Limited, Victoria

(e) Include in Category F (Finance Companies)

DaimlerChrysler Capital Services (debis) Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
DaimlerChrysler Financial (debis) Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.

(f) Omit from Category G (General Financiers)

RESI-Statewide Corporation Pty Limited, Queensland

(g) Include in Category G (General Financiers)

Challenger Share Finance Limited, N.S.W.
GE Capital Consumer Card Co., U.S.A.
RBS (Australia) Pty Limited, N.S.W.

(h) Include in Category I (Intra Group Financiers)

Pacific Dunlop Finance Pty Ltd, N.S.W.

Dated 5 July 2000

I.J. Macfarlane
Reserve Bank of Australia

Financial Corporations Act 1974

I, I.J. Macfarlane, GOVERNOR OF THE RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA, pursuant to Subsection 8(2)(l) of the Financial Corporations Act 1974, hereby:

(a) Revoke the exemption of the following corporations:

NatWest Capital Markets Australia Limited

(a) Exempt the following Corporations:

RESI-Statewide Mortgage Corporation Limited

Dated 5 July 2000

I.J. Macfarlane
Reserve Bank of Australia


The following is a complete list of the corporations categorised under the Financial Corporations Act 1974 as at 30 June 2000.


AAA Capital Markets Limited, N.S.W.
ABB Financial Services Australia Limited, N.S.W.
ABN AMRO Australia (Projects) Pty Limited, N.S.W.
ABN AMRO Corporate Finance Limited, N.S.W.
ABN AMRO Facilities Australia Limited, N.S.W.
ABN-AMRO Australia Limited, N.S.W.
All-States Capital Group Ltd, Victoria
All-States Corporation Limited, Victoria
All-States Discount Limited, Victoria
Amro Australia Limited, A.C.T.
ANZ Capel Court Limited, Victoria
BA Australia Limited, Victoria
Barclays Australia International Finance Limited, N.S.W.
BBL Australia Limited, Victoria
BNP Pacific (Australia) Limited, N.S.W.
BNZ International Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Boston Australia Limited, Victoria
Broadlands International Finance Limited, W.A.
Broadlands Limited, W.A.
BT Australia Limited, N.S.W.
BT Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
BT Securities Limited, N.S.W.
BTM Holding (Australia) Ltd, N.S.W.
BTM Securities (Australia) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Cassa Commerciale Australia Limited, N.S.W.
CBA Investments Limited, N.S.W.
CB-CLA Limited, N.S.W.
CB-CLFIA Limited, N.S.W.
Chase Global Capital Limited, N.S.W.
Chase Manhattan New Zealand Limited, A.C.T.
Corot Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Corporate Financial Management (Aust.) Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Credit Agricole Indosuez Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Credit Suisse First Boston Australia (Finance) Limited, A.C.T.
Credit Suisse First Boston Australia Securities Limited, Victoria
Credit Suisse First Boston Pacific Capital Markets Limited, A.C.T.
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Deutsche Australia Limited, Victoria
Deutsche Capital Markets Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Equitiloan Limited, Queensland
Equitiloan Services Pty Ltd, Queensland
Fuji International Finance (Australia) Limited, N.S.W.
Galanthus Leasing Pty Limited, N.S.W.
General Accident Australia and New Zealand Limited, N.S.W.
Habib Finance (Australia) Ltd, N.S.W.
Hambros Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Hambros Securities Australia Limited, Victoria
Hanvit Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
HSBC International Finance (Australia) Pty Limited, A.C.T.
HSBC International Investments (Australia) Pty Limited, N.S.W.
HSBC International Leasing (Australia) Pty Limited, A.C.T.
HSBC Precious Metals (Australia) Limited, N.S.W.
HSBC Project Finance and Property (Australia ) Pty Limited, A.C.T.
IBJ Australia Corporation Limited, W.A.
Investec Australia Limited, A.C.T.
Invia Financial Services Limited, Victoria
J.B. Were Capital Markets Limited, Victoria
J.P. Morgan Australia Pty Limited, Victoria
KEB Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Kimberley N.Z.I. Finance Ltd, W.A.
Macquarie Acceptances Limited, A.C.T.
Macquarie Australia International Limited, Victoria
Macquarie Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Macquarie Commercial Leasing Vic Pty Limited, Victoria
Macquarie Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Macquarie Leasing NSW Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Macquarie Leasing Pty. Limited, N.S.W.
Macquarie Leasing Qld Pty Limited, Queensland
Macquarie Leasing Vic Pty Limited, Victoria
Marac Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Marac Investments Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Merrill Lynch International (Australia) Limited, N.S.W.
Midland Montagu Australia Limited, N.S.W.
N.Z.I. Capital Corporation Ltd, N.S.W.
N.Z.I. Leasing Corporation Limited, A.C.T.
N.Z.I. Securities Australia Ltd, N.S.W.
N.Z.I. Securities Western Ltd, W.A.
Nomura Australia Limited, N.S.W.
NZI Investment Services Limited, N.S.W.
NZI Securities Trading Ltd, N.S.W.
Paribas Group (Australia) Limited, N.S.W.
Partown Pty Limited, N.S.W.
PBL Securities Limited, N.S.W.
Rabo Australia Ltd, A.C.T.
RMB Australia Holdings Pty Limited, N.S.W.
RMB Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Sakura Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Sanwa Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Sanwa Australia Securities Limited, N.S.W.
Scandinavian Pacific Limited, A.C.T.
Schroders Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Security Capital Corporation Pty Ltd, W.A.
SG Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Societe Generale Australia Overseas Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Sogelease Australia Limited, N.S.W.
SPAL Limited, A.C.T.
Sucette Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Sumitomo International Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Tokai Australia Finance Corporation Ltd, N.S.W.
Toronto Dominion Australia Limited, Victoria
Toronto Dominion Leasing (Australia) Limited, Victoria
UBS (Sydney) Ltd, N.S.W.
UBS Australia Finance Limited, N.S.W.
UBS Australia Limited, N.S.W.
UBS Warburg Australia Holdings Limited, N.S.W.
UBS Warburg Australia Ltd, A.C.T.
UOB Australia Limited, N.S.W.


Arcadian Wool Brokers Limited, Victoria
Avenue Finance Limited, N.S.W.
AWB Finance Limited, Victoria
Dalgety Limited, W.A.
Elders Burnett Moore W.A. Pty Ltd, W.A.
Elders Limited, Victoria
Elders Real Estate Franchise Pty Limited, Tasmania
John Deere Credit Limited, Queensland
Primac Elders Limited, Queensland
Primac Limited, Queensland
Primac Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Queensland
Southern Wool Services (Goulburn) Pty Ltd, Queensland
Wesfarmers Dalgety Limited, W.A.
Wesfarmers Limited, W.A.
Westralian Farmers Co-operative Limited, W.A.


A.G.C. (Advances) Limited, S.A.
A.G.C. (Commercial) Limited, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (Finance) Limited, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (General Finance) Limited, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (Industrial) Leasing Pty Limited, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (Industrial) Limited, Victoria
A.G.C. (Industrial) Victoria Limited, Victoria
A.G.C. (Investments) Limited, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (Leasing) Limited, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (Projects) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
A.G.C. (Securities) Limited, S.A.
A.O.C. Holdings Limited, S.A.
Abel Funding Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Abel Tasman Holdings Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Alliance Acceptance Co. Limited, N.S.W.
Alliance Commercial Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Alliance Credit (N.S.W.) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Alliance Finance (Leasing) Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Alliance Holdings Limited, N.S.W.
ANZCAP Leasing (Vic.) Pty Ltd, Victoria
ANZCAP Leasing Nominees (Vic.) Pty Ltd, Victoria
ANZCAP Leasing Nominees Pty Ltd, A.C.T.
ANZCAP Leasing Services Limited, Victoria
AUSFLEET Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Australian Guarantee Corporation Limited, N.S.W.
Avco Access Ltd, N.S.W.
Avco Financial Services Ltd, A.C.T.
BA Securities Australia Limited, Victoria
Bendigo Finance Pty Ltd, Victoria
BFC Finance Limited, Victoria
CBFC Leasing Pty Limited, A.C.T.
CBFC Limited, A.C.T.
Coral Sea Funding Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Corporate Receivables Securitisation Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Custom Service Leasing Limited, Victoria
DaimlerChrysler Capital Services (debis) Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
DaimlerChrysler Financial (debis) Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
E.I.B. (Aust) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Eastrock Finance Corporation Proprietary Limited, Victoria
Elderslie Finance Corporation Limited, W.A.
Esanda (Finance) Australia Limited, Victoria
Esanda (Wholesale) Proprietary Limited, Victoria
Esanda Equipment Credit Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Esanda Finance Corporation Limited, Victoria
Finance Corporation of Australia Limited, S.A.
Fitzroy Finance Company Proprietary Limited, N.S.W.
Fitzroy Leasing Proprietary Limited, N.S.W.
Ford Credit Australia Limited, Victoria
Ford Credit Australia Wholesale Limited, Victoria
G.C.L. Investments Limited, Victoria
GE Capital Australia, A.C.T.
GE Capital Information Technology Solutions Pty Ltd, Victoria
General Credits Holdings Limited, Victoria
General Credits Limited, Victoria
General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Australia, U.S.A.
GIO Finance Limited, N.S.W.
GMAC, Australia (Finance) Limited, Victoria
HDFI Limited, N.S.W.
Hindmarsh Financial Services Limited, S.A.
Howard Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Hunter Leasing Limited, N.S.W.
Liberty Funding Pty Ltd, Victoria
Lonsfield Pty Limited, N.S.W.
M.C.L. Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
M.C.L. Leasing Pty Limited, N.S.W.
MACFLEET Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Macquarie Fleet Finance Pty Limited, A.C.T.
Macquarie N.T. Leasing Pty Limited, N.T.
Mercantile Credits Financial Services Limited, N.S.W.
Mercantile Credits Limited, N.S.W.
Mercredits Leasing Limited, S.A.
Mercredits Wholesale Limited, W.A.
Metway Leasing Limited, N.S.W.
Midland Credit Limited, N.S.W.
National Australia Group Services Limited, N.S.W.
Newcourt Credit Group Inc (Australia), N.S.W.
NRMA Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Permanent Holdings Pty Ltd, Queensland
POLAR Finance Limited, A.C.T.
PRIMUS Automotive Financial Services Australia Limited, Victoria
PUMA Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Q Rent Pty Limited, A.C.T.
R.A.C. Finance Limited, W.A.
R.A.C.V. Finance Limited, Victoria
RAMS Mortgage Corporation Limited, A.C.T.
Rhein-Main No. 6 Limited, A.C.T.
SABRE Securitisation Limited, A.C.T.
Sanwa Australia Finance Limited, A.C.T.
Sanwa Australia L.I.F. Limited, Queensland
STA Finance Australia Pty Ltd, Victoria
St. George Finance Holdings Limited, N.S.W.
St. George Motor Finance Limited, S.A.
St. George Motor Wholesale Pty Ltd, S.A.
St. George Partnership Finance Limited, N.S.W.
St. George Wholesale Finance Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Suncorp Finance Limited, Queensland
Traders Finance Corporation Limited, N.S.W.
Victorian Finance & Leasing Limited, Victoria
Volvo Group Treasury Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.


Advance Leasing Limited, S.A.
AMVA Enterprises Pty Limited, N.S.W.
API Finance Limited, N.S.W.
ARM Equipment Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
ARM Rental Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Asset Risk Management Limited, N.S.W.
Automotive Financial Services (Leasing) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Automotive Financial Services Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Ballarat Savings & Loans Limited, Victoria
Banksia Securities Limited, Victoria
Bidgee Finance Limited, N.S.W.
BLE Capital Limited, N.S.W.
BMW Australia Finance Limited, Victoria
CA Finance Pty Ltd, Queensland
Canon Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Capital Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Carlton Finance Limited, Victoria
Case Credit Australia Pty Ltd, Victoria
Case Credit Wholesale Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Caterpillar Financial Australia Limited, Victoria
Challenger Share Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Cinema Partners Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Collis Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Co-operative Financial Services Pty Ltd, S.A.
Co-operative Member Services Pty Ltd, S.A.
Equity Margins Ltd, Victoria
FAI Finance Corporation Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Fisher & Paykel Finance Pty Limited, Queensland
Flexible Finance Pty Ltd, S.A.
Fuji Xerox Finance Limited, N.S.W.
GE Auto & Fleet Ltd, Victoria
GE Capital Consumer Card Co., U.S.A.
GE Capital Finance Australia, A.C.T.
GE Commercial Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
GEFF Ltd, Victoria
Gippsland Secured Investments Limited, Victoria
Greater Bendigo Investments Limited, Victoria
Grosvenor Funds Management Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Group Industrial Credits Limited, Victoria
Heathley Limited, N.S.W.
Heathley Mortgages Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Hedon Investments Limited, Victoria
Heller Commercial Services Pty Ltd, A.C.T.
Heller Equipment Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Heller Financial Services Limited, N.S.W.
Holden National Leasing Limited, A.C.T.
IBM Australia Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
IBM Global Financing Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Lease Plan Australia Limited, Victoria
Leesville Investment Finance Enterprises Pty Ltd, Victoria
Leveraged Equities Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Liberty Financial Pty Ltd, Victoria
Mackay Community Credit Pty Ltd, Queensland
Markitex (Australia) Pty Ltd, Victoria
Medical & Commercial Finance Corporation Limited, Queensland
Melbourne Medical & Business Finance Pty Ltd, Victoria
Mitchells Investments Limited, Victoria
National Mutual Security Limited, Victoria
Network Consumer Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
New Holland Credit Australia Pty Limited, N.S.W.
NS Komatsu Finance Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
ORIX Australia Corporation Limited, N.S.W.
PACCAR Financial Pty Ltd, Victoria
Profinance Ltd, N.S.W.
Progressive Mortgage Company Limited, N.S.W.
Rabo Equipment Finance Limited, A.C.T.
RBS (Australia) Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Riverina Business Services Pty Limited, N.S.W.
S.W. Mortgage Management Pty Ltd, Tasmania
Scholefield Goodman (Aust.) Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Scottish Pacific Business Finance Pty Limited, A.C.T.
St. George Business Receivables Finance Pty Limited, Queensland
St. George Commercial Credit Corporation Limited, N.S.W.
Statewide Secured Investments Ltd, Victoria
Textron Acceptance Corp. Ltd, N.S.W.
TFA (Wholesale) Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Toyota Finance Australia Limited, N.S.W.
Victorian Securities Corporation Limited, Victoria
Volvo Car Finance Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Volvo Truck Finance Australia Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Webster Finance Ltd, Tasmania
Webster Investments Limited, Victoria
Westlawn Finance Limited, N.S.W.
Win Securities Limited, Victoria


Atlas Editions Holdings Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
Encyclopaedia Britannica (Australia) Inc., U.S.A.
Family Educational Publishers Finance Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Family Educational Publishers Pty Ltd, N.S.W.
World Book (Australia) Pty Ltd, A.C.T.


BOS International (Australia) Limited, A.C.T.
Nias Finances Pty Limited, N.S.W.
Pacific Dunlop Finance Pty Ltd, N.S.W.


Richards Lyon Limited, W.A.
Westcorp Pty Ltd, W.A.


The following is a complete list of the corporations exempted from the provisions of the Financial Corporations Act 1974 as at 30 June 2000:

ABN AMRO Investment Management (Aust.) Limited
A.G.C. (Insurance Premium Funding) Limited
Alfred Moss Investments Pty Limited
American Express International, Inc.
AMP-AMEX Securities Pty Limited
Andalex Investments Pty Limited
ANF (Leasing) Pty Ltd
Anglican Deposit Fund Perth (Inc)
Arunta Finance Pty Limited
Australian Anglo American Services Limited
Australian Mortgage Corporation Pty Limited
Australian National Finance Limited
Automotive & Industrial Finance Corporation Ltd
B. & W. Steel Holdings Pty Limited
Balga Pty Limited
Barclan Finance Pty Limited
BCC Australia Limited
Berrema Finance Pty Ltd
Bethany Investments Pty Limited
Binya Pty Limited
Bisley Asset Management Pty Limited
Bisley Investment Corporation Limited
Breffny Finance Co. Pty Limited
Brucedale Pty Limited
BT Nominees Pty Limited
BTM Finance (Australia) Ltd
Calabar Pty Ltd
Camberlee Enterprises Pty Limited
Challenger International Limited
CIBC Australia Holdings Ltd
CIBC Australia Limited
Cinema Partners Endeavour Limited
Cinema Partners Productions Pty Limited
Coles Myer Deposit Services Limited
Collateral Leasing Pty Limited
Colonial Stockbroking Limited
Commercial Discounters Limited
Consolidated Capital Markets Limited
Consolidated Press Property Pty Limited
Consolidated Zinc Proprietary Limited
CRA Engineering Pty Limited
Credit Commercial de France (Australia) Limited
Cube Financial Management Services Pty Ltd
Custom Credit Corporation Limited
Custom Lease Pty Limited
D&I Mortgage Corporation Limited
D&I Securities Pty Limited
Davidsons Finance Pty Limited
DCM Australia Limited
Deposit and Investment Company Limited
Diners Club Limited
Diners Finance Pty Ltd
Direct Acceptance Corporation Limited
Direct Acceptance Investments Pty Limited
Duke Pacific Finance Limited
Duke Pacific Securities Limited
E.G. Eager & Son Pty Ltd
EMI Songs Australia Pty Limited
Enerloy Pty Ltd
Equiticorp Acceptances Limited
Equiticorp Commercial Limited
Equiticorp Finance Holdings Limited
Equiticorp Finance Limited
Equiticorp Financial Services Limited
Equiticorp Leasing Pty Limited
Fleet Systems Pty Limited
FML Securities Limited
Fortis Securities Limited
Foster's Brewing Group Limited
Funding Facilities Pty Limited
Furleygan Pty Limited
Geneva Finance Ltd
Glenmore Park Estate Limited
GNPL Limited
Graham & Company Limited
Graham & Company Mortgages Limited
Graham & Company Securities Limited
Group Custodian Pty Limited
H.R.L. Morrison & Co (Australia) Pty Limited
Hallmark Credits Limited
Harford Pty Limited
Harrisons Australia Limited
Herro Corporation Pty Limited
Infrastructure Australia (No.1) Limited
Jardine Fleming Australia Limited
Kalama Investment Pty Limited
Keystart Bonds Limited
Leasco Australia Pty Limited
Leasco Pty Limited
Linkworth Properties Pty Ltd
Macquarie Syndication (No. 22) Pty Limited
Margaret Street Nominees Pty Limited
Mayne Finance Limited
Menteith Pty Limited
Merchant Capital (NSW) Limited
Merchant Capital Limited
Mid-West Finance (A.C.T.) Pty Limited
Mid-West Finance Pty Limited
Mitsui Trust Finance (Australia) Limited
Motorcharge Limited
National Australia Limited
National Mine Management Pty Ltd
National Mortgage Market Corporation Limited
National Westminster Finance Australia Limited
Nationwide Finance Limited
Network Trading Pty Limited
Newton Holdings Pty Limited
NMRB Finance Limited
Oakminster Limited
P.H. Bear Investments Pty Limited
Pacific Dunlop Finance (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Pasminco Finance Limited
Performance Group Holdings Pty Ltd
Potter Warburg Fixed Interest Limited
Prime Finance Corporation Pty Ltd
Priority One Financial Services Limited
Queens Road Finance Pty Ltd
Realty Management & Investment (Australia) Pty Ltd
RESI-Statewide Mortgage Corporation Limited
Retail Area Franchise Financing Pty Limited
Rhein-Main No 4 Limited
Rio Tinto Collieries Pty Limited
Rossfield Nominees Pty Limited
Rothwells Limited
S.H. Lock Acceptances Limited
SABT Pty Limited
Sales Assistance Pty Limited
Satmon Pty Limited
SBS Retail Management Pty Limited
Scarfs Pty Limited
Securities Finance Corporation Ltd
Security Deposits Limited
Shallala Holdings Pty Limited
Sixty Martin Place (Holdings) Pty Limited
Spedley Securities Limited
Sundell Leasing Pty Ltd
Swanston Futures Pty Ltd
Swanston Mortgage Pty Ltd
The Uniting Church (N.S.W.) Trust Association
Thornycroft (Australia) Pty Limited
Tondara Pty Limited
Toronto Dominion Securities Pty Limited
TSBC Holdings Pty Limited
VOP Investments Pty Limited
W. & J. Investments Limited
Western United Limited
Whelan (Consolidated) Pty Limited
Whelan Development Co. Pty Limited
Whelan Finance Company Pty Limited
Wingello Pty Limited
Yasuda Trust Australia Limited