Media Release Appointment of Assistant Governors

The Reserve Bank today announced appointments to the four new Assistant Governor positions advertised in the press in early September. Over 60 applications were received, of whom 15 were selected (including four internal applicants) for interviews.

The selection process has resulted in decisions to fill two positions from within the Bank and two from outside.

The successful applicants are:

  • Mr Ian Macfarlane to Assistant Governor (Economic)

    Mr Macfarlane, 44, holds a Master of Economics degree from Monash University and worked in the OECD for much of the 1970s. He has worked in several areas of the Reserve Bank since 1979, currently as Head of Research Department.

  • Mr Graeme Thompson to Assistant Governor (Financial Institutions)

    Mr Thompson, 41, B.Ec.(Hons), joined the Reserve Bank in 1968. He has worked in several areas of the Bank and has been Chief of Financial System Division since March 1989.

  • Mr Geoffrey Board to Assistant Governor (Financial Markets)

    Mr Board, 46, B.Ag.Ec., has worked in the Bureau of Agricultural Economics and the Treasury in Canberra. Since 1977 he has worked in various capacities in the financial markets, first as Group Economist to Australian United Corporation (now J.P. Morgan Australia Limited (1977); Managing Director, NDC Securities Ltd, Authorised Dealer (1985); and Director, Security Pacific Australia (1987).

  • Mr Geoffrey Hodgkinson to Assistant Governor (Services)

    Mr Hodgkinson, 45, holds a B.Ec. and accountancy qualifications. He has worked mainly in the financial sector over the past twenty years, including six years with Partnership Pacific Ltd and a similar period with Macquarie Acceptances Ltd (the merchant banking subsidiary of Macquarie Bank Ltd). Until recently, Mr Hodgkinson was Managing Director of Mase Westpac Australia Ltd.