Statement of Liabilities and Assets

At close of business on Wednesday, 03 February 2016
$ million
Liabilities Movement since
Assets Movement since
Capital And Reserve Bank Reserve Fund 12,769 - Gold and foreign
64,975 -769
Australian notes on issue 69,887 -59 Australian dollar investments[2] 82,882 1,807
Exchange Settlement balances 24,240 -68 Other assets (including clearing items) 1,607 134
Deposits (excluding Exchange Settlement balances) 20,794 3,687      
Other liabilities 21,774 -2,388      
Total 149,464 1,172 Total 149,464 1,172

Explanatory Notes

  1. Gold and foreign exchange

    Changes in this item reflect transactions of the following kinds:

    1. the Bank's transactions in foreign exchange and foreign securities (including under repurchase agreements);
    2. earnings on foreign currency investments; and
    3. changes in the valuation of foreign currency and gold, and changes in the market prices of the Bank's holdings of foreign currency securities.

    In the week to 3 February the fall mainly reflects item (a).

  2. Australian dollar investments

    Movements in this item reflect:

    1. the Bank's transactions in securities (including under repurchase agreements) with the private sector;
    2. earnings on securities and changes in valuation.

    In the week to 3 February the rise mainly reflects item (a).

  3. Summary historical data on the Bank's liabilities and assets are available in statistical table A1 – Liabilities and Assets – Summary on the Reserve Bank's web site. The Bank's liabilities and assets data are also provided on a more disaggregated basis in statistical table A1 – Liabilities and Assets – Detailed; this data is provided on a lagged basis of up to 4 months.