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Statement of Liabilities and Assets

At close of business on Wednesday, 16 April 2014

$ million
Liabilities Movement since
Assets Movement since
Capital And Reserve Bank Reserve Fund 2,542 - Gold and foreign
61,628 1,282
Australian notes on issue 61,631 594 Australian notes and coin 1 -
Exchange Settlement Balances 20,983 -731 Australian Dollar
70,027 995
Term Deposits of Domestic Financial Institutions - - Clearing items (remittances in transit, receivables) 417 225
Deposits of Governments and other customers     Loans, advances and all other assets 928 -3
Overseas institutions 895 53      
Australian Government 31,521 -740      
State Government 278 -136      
Others 18 -1      
Other liabilities 15,133 3,460      
Total 133,001 2,499 Total 133,001 2,499

Explanatory Notes

  1. Gold and foreign exchange

    Changes in this item reflect transactions of the following kinds:

    1. the Bank's transactions in foreign exchange and foreign securities (including under repurchase agreements);
    2. earnings on foreign currency investments; and
    3. changes in the valuation of foreign currency and gold, and changes in the market prices of the Bank's holdings of foreign currency securities.

    In the week to 16 April the rise mainly reflects item (a)[back to table]

  2. Australian Dollar Securities

    Movements in this item reflect:

    1. the Bank's transactions in securities (including under repurchase agreements) with the private sector;
    2. subscriptions to new issues or redemptions of existing holdings of government securities by the Bank; and
    3. accrued earnings on securities and changes in valuation.

    In the week to 16 April the fall mainly reflects item (a)[back to table]