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Statement of Liabilities and Assets

At close of business on Wednesday, 09 April 2014

$ million
Liabilities Movement since
Assets Movement since
Capital And Reserve Bank Reserve Fund 2,542 - Gold and foreign
60,346 -5,729
Australian notes on issue 61,037 664 Australian notes and coin 1 -
Exchange Settlement Balances 21,714 132 Australian Dollar
69,032 -1,725
Term Deposits of Domestic Financial Institutions - - Clearing items (remittances in transit, receivables) 192 7
Deposits of Governments and other customers     Loans, advances and all other assets 931 -3
Overseas institutions 842 18      
Australian Government 32,261 -3,512      
State Government 414 200      
Others 19 1      
Other liabilities 11,673 -4,953      
Total 130,502 -7,450 Total 130,502 -7,450

Explanatory Notes

  1. Gold and foreign exchange

    Changes in this item reflect transactions of the following kinds:

    1. the Bank's transactions in foreign exchange and foreign securities (including under repurchase agreements);
    2. earnings on foreign currency investments; and
    3. changes in the valuation of foreign currency and gold, and changes in the market prices of the Bank's holdings of foreign currency securities.

    In the week to 9 April the fall mainly reflects item (a)[back to table]

  2. Australian Dollar Securities

    Movements in this item reflect:

    1. the Bank's transactions in securities (including under repurchase agreements) with the private sector;
    2. subscriptions to new issues or redemptions of existing holdings of government securities by the Bank; and
    3. accrued earnings on securities and changes in valuation.

    In the week to 9 April the fall mainly reflects item (a)[back to table]