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Research Discussion Paper – November 2012

Estimates of Uncertainty around the RBA's Forecasts

Data for Research Discussion Paper 2012-07

The underlying data can be downloaded by selecting from the following:

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Data on Forecasts and Outcomes

The main data for forecasts and outcomes (or ‘actuals’) are presented in two formats:

  1. In Forecast date by event date [XLS] format, with separate sheets for each variable.
  2. We also provide files that arrange the data in forecast date by horizon format, with a separate file for each variable:

Within each file there are separate sheets for forecasts, actuals and errors. Timing is by date of the forecast, not (as sometimes occurs elsewhere) date of the last observation. Therefore, the column labelled ‘t’ is the current-quarter forecast.

Note that formatting and quantity of these data changes over time, reflecting changes in our source data. The data are explained in Appendix B of RDP2012-07.

Other Data


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