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Financial Stability Review – March 2012

List of graphs

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Graph 1.1: Asset Prices

Graph 1.2: Banks' Share Prices

Graph 1.3: Euro Area Government Bond Yields

Graph 1.4: Euro Unsecured Interbank Borrowing Spread

Graph 1.5: US Prime Money Market Funds

Graph 1.6: Banks' Bond Yields

Graph 1.7: Banks' Bond Issuance

Graph 1.8: Euro Area Banks' Credit Ratings

Graph 1.9: ECB Lending for Monetary Policy Operations

Graph 1.10: Large Banks' Tier 1 Capital

Graph 1.11: Change in Large Banks' Tier 1 Capital Ratios

Graph 1.12: EU Banks' Recapitalisation Plans

Graph 1.13: Euro Area Banks' Foreign Claims on Selected Regions

Graph 1.14: Large Banks' Profit

Graph 1.15: Large Banks' Return on Equity

Graph 1.16: Credit Growth

Graph 1.17: Euro Area Credit Standards

Graph 1.18: US Non-performing Loans

Graph 1.19: Large Banks' Non-performing Loans

Graph 1.20: Property Price Indicators

Graph 1.21: Foreign Banks' Claims on Non-Japan Asia

Graph 1.22: Syndicated Loans in Non-Japan Asia

Graph 1.23: Asset Prices and Credit

Graph 1.24: Korea – Household Credit Conditions

Graph 1.25: Non-Japan Asia – Non-performing Loans

Graph 2.1: Bank Profits

Graph 2.2: Major Banks' Profitability

Graph 2.3: Major Banks' Net Interest Margin

Graph 2.4: Major Banks' Costs and Income

Graph 2.5: Banks' Non-performing Assets

Graph 2.6: Banks' Impaired Assets

Graph 2.7: Banks' Non-performing Assets

Graph 2.8: Banks' Asset Performance

Graph 2.9: Banks' Asset Performance

Graph 2.10: Asset Performance by Industry

Graph 2.11: Banks' Asset Performance and Credit

Graph 2.12: Bank Credit Growth

Graph 2.13: Banks' Bond Issuance and Maturities

Graph 2.14: Major Banks' Bond Pricing

Graph 2.15: Covered Bond Pricing

Graph 2.16: Credit and Deposit Growth

Graph 2.17: Banks' Funding

Graph 2.18: Capital Ratios

Graph 2.19: Major Banks' Equity Raisings

Graph 2.20: Financial Market Indicators

Graph 2.21: Credit Ratings of the Largest 100 Banking Groups

Graph 2.22: General Insurers' Performance

Graph 2.23: General Insurers' Share Prices

Graph 2.24: Allocation of Domestic Funds Under Management

Graph 2.25: Superannuation Funds' Financial Performance

Graph 2.26: Life Insurers' Financial Performance

Graph 2.27: Managed Funds' Claims on Banks

Graph 2.28: RITS Settled Payments

Graph 2.29: Central Counterparty Margins

Graph 3.1: Household Saving

Graph 3.2: Real Household Assets and Asset Prices

Graph 3.3: Saving Measures

Graph 3.4: Household Debt by Type

Graph 3.5: Value of Housing Loan Approvals

Graph 3.6: Banks' Housing Loan Characteristics

Graph 3.7: Net Excess Mortgage Repayment Flows

Graph 3.8: Household Debt and Interest Payments

Graph 3.9: Consumer Sentiment

Graph 3.10: Housing Loan Arrears

Graph 3.11: Banks' Non-performing Assets

Graph 3.12: Securitised Housing Loan Arrears by State

Graph 3.13: Regions with the Highest Housing Loan Arrears Rates

Graph 3.14: Applications for Property Possession

Graph 3.15: Business Conditions Surveys

Graph 3.16: Business Profits

Graph 3.17: Business Funding

Graph 3.18: Lending to Businesses

Graph 3.19: Listed Corporates' Gearing

Graph 3.20: Business Interest Payments

Graph 3.21: Listed Corporates' Net Interest Payments

Graph 3.22: Banks' Non-performing Business Assets

Graph 3.23: Business Failures

Graph 3.24: Commercial Property

Graph 3.25: Commercial Property

Graph 3.26: Banks' Commercial Property Exposures

Graph 3.27: A-REITs' Funding


Graph A1: Foreign-owned Banks in Australia

Graph A2: Foreign-owned Banks' Assets

Graph A3: Foreign-owned Bank Activity

Graph B1: Household Debt

Graph B2: Annual Change in Mortgage Debt

Graph B3: Owner-occupier Housing Debt

Graph B4: Mortgage Vulnerability

Graph C1: Size and Cross-border Activities of Selected Banking Systems

Graph D1: Financial Sector Composition

Graph D2: Distribution of RFCs' Leverage Ratios

Graph D3: Issuance of Asset-backed Securities