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Financial Stability Review – March 2008

List of graphs

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Graph 1: Asset-backed Commercial Paper

Graph 2: 3-month LIBOR to Swap Spread

Graph 3: Debt Issuance in the United States

Graph 4: Banks’ Share Prices

Graph 5: Bank’s Senior 5-year CDS Premia

Graph 6: US Mortgage Delinquency Rates

Graph 7: US House Prices

Graph 8: Credit Standards for Residential Mortgages

Graph 9: US Corporate Bond Spreads and Yields

Graph 10: Business Credit

Graph 11: Global LBO Activity

Graph 12: International Share Prices

Graph 13: Policy Interest Rates

Graph 14: Profits before Tax

Graph 15: Bank’s Non-performing Assets

Graph 16: Charge for Bad and Doubtful Debts

Graph 17: Banks’ Non-performing Loans

Graph 18: Banks’ Commercial Property Impaired Assets

Graph 19: Bank Credit

Graph 20: Assets by Bank Type

Graph 21: Net Interest Income

Graph 22: Banks’ Costs and Income

Graph 23: Banks’ Capital Ratios

Graph 24: 3-month Bank Bill Rate

Graph 25: US$ Bond Pricing at Issuance

Graph 26: Australian ABCP Outstanding

Graph 27: RMBS Issuance

Graph 28: Banks’ Non-intermediated Debt

Graph 29: Household Deposits

Graph 30: Australian Banks ’ Offshore Bond Issuance

Graph 31: Financial Share Prices

Graph 32: ASX Trading Volume

Graph 33: SFE Margin Amounts

Graph 34: Share of Owner-occupier Loan Approvals

Graph 35: Performance of General Insurers

Graph 36: General Insurers ’ Share Prices

Graph 37: Global Insured Catastrophe Losses

Graph 38: Superannuation Funds’ Financial Performance

Graph 39: Life Insurers’ Financial Performance

Graph 40: Real Income Per Household

Graph 41: Household Balance Sheets

Graph 42: Non-performing Housing Loans

Graph 43: Housing Loan Arrears

Graph 44: Banks’ Non-performing Personal Loans

Graph 45: Housing Loan Arrears

Graph 46: Housing Loan Arrears in NSW

Graph 47: Applications for Property Possession

Graph 48: Household Credit

Graph 49: Margin Lending

Graph 50: Fixed-rate Housing Loans

Graph 51: Household Interest Payments

Graph 52: Owner-occupier Housing Interest Payments

Graph 53: Debt-servicing Ratios

Graph 54: Gearing Ratios

Graph 55: Household Financial Assets

Graph 56: Business Profits

Graph 57: Business Funding and Investment

Graph 58: Listed Non-financial Companies’ Gearing Ratios

Graph 59: Business Funding

Graph 60: Non-performing Business Assets

Graph 61: Corporate Credit Risk

Graph 62: Share Price Indices

Graph 63: Australian P/E Ratios

Graph 64: Office Property Indicators

Graph 65: Office Capital Values and Rents


Graph A1: US Share Prices

Graph A2: Australian Bonds Outstanding

Graph B1: Prices of ABX.HE Indices

Graph B2: Implied Spreads on ABX.HE.AAA Indices

Graph C1: Indicators of Cash-flow-related Financial Difficulties

Graph C2: Households Experiencing Multiple Cash-flow-related Financial Difficulties

Graph C3: Other Indicators of Household Financial Position

Graph D1: Household Assets

Graph D2: Capital Return on Household Assets