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Financial Stability Review – September 2005

List of graphs

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Graph 1: Interest Rates

Graph 2: Bond Spreads

Graph 3: United States – House Prices

Graph 4: Share Markets

Graph 5: US Market Volatility

Graph 6: Hedge Funds

Graph 7: Household Debt

Graph 8: US 'Cash Out' Refinancing

Graph 9: Share Price Indices – Banks

Graph 10: House Prices

Graph 11: Housing Market Indicators

Graph 12: Housing Loan Approvals

Graph 13: Housing Turnover and Household Credit

Graph 14: Household Indebtedness

Graph 15: Mortgage Refinancing

Graph 16: Personal Lending

Graph 17: Household Assets

Graph 18: Household Gearing Ratios

Graph 19: Credit Cards

Graph 20: Unemployment Rate

Graph 21: Household Saving Ratios

Graph 22: Housing Equity Withdrawal

Graph 23: Sentiment Towards Housing

Graph 24: Terms of Trade

Graph 25: Business Profits

Graph 26: Corporate Profits

Graph 27: Share Price Indices and P/E Ratio

Graph 28: Business Credit

Graph 29: Business Sector Finances

Graph 30: Non-residential Building Construction

Graph 31: Performance of Listed Property Trusts

Graph 32: Indicators of Corporate Credit Risk

Graph 33: Profit Before Tax

Graph 34: Net Interest Income

Graph 35: Housing Loan Variable Interest Rate Spreads

Graph 36: Business Loan Variable Interest Rate Spreads

Graph 37: Market Share of Deposits

Graph 38: Banks' Retail Deposit Interest Rates

Graph 39: Capital Ratios

Graph 40: Non-performing Assets of Banks

Graph 41: Arrears Rates

Graph 42: Housing Loans Past Due

Graph 43: Banks' Net Write-offs

Graph 44: Banks' Large Exposures

Graph 45: Banks' Off-balance Sheet Business

Graph 46: Bank Credit and Deposits

Graph 47: New Lending Funded by Retail Deposits

Graph 48: Banks' Non-intermediated Debt

Graph 49: Banks' Eligible Securities and Liquid Assets

Graph 50: Risk Premia for Australian Banks

Graph 51: Implied Volatility of Banks' Share Prices

Graph 52: Financial Sector Share Prices

Graph 53: Performance of General Insurers

Graph 54: General Insurers' Share Prices

Graph 55: Superannuation Funds' Assets

Graph 56: Superannuation Assets by Sector

Graph 57: Life Insurers' Performance

Graph 58: Other Managed Funds' Assets

Graph 59: Assets of Other Managed Funds


Graph A1: Average New Housing Loan

Graph A2: Home Ownership

Graph B1: Housing Loan Interest Rates

Graph C1: Expected Likelihood of Price Falls


Graph 1: Global CDO Insurance

Graph 2: Australian CDO Insurance by Type

Graph 3: Domicile of Australian CDO Credit Exposures

Graph 4: Credit Ratings of Australian CDO Issues

Graph 5: CDO Credit Rating Changes

Graph 6: Pricing at Issuance