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Chart Pack

Graphs on the Australian Economy and Financial Markets

Released on 4 November 2015 (data updated to 29 October 2015)

The sets of graphs below summarise macroeconomic and financial market trends in Australia and provide some information about developments for our main trading partners. They are updated monthly. While the Reserve Bank of Australia does not make available the source data for the Chart Pack graphs, extensive statistical data are available on our website.

Download the complete Chart Pack [PDF 2.2M] or view the graphs individually and download the appropriate GIF file.


  1. World Economy
  2. Australian GDP Growth and Inflation
  3. Household Sector
  4. Business Sector
  5. Credit and Money
  6. Factors of Production and Labour Market
  7. Regions and Industry
  8. Government
  9. Commodity Prices
  10. Balance of Payments and External Position
  11. Interest Rates
  12. Share Markets
  13. Bond Issuance
  14. Equity Raisings and Business Financing
  15. Exchange Rates
  16. Banking Indicators