RBA Annual Report Snapshot 2020


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Policy decisions

Reserve Bank Board meetings
Statements on Monetary Policy
Financial Stability Reviews

COVID-19 Response

Cut cash rate Target for 3-year. Australian Government bond yield. Term Funding Facility.

Government bond purchases and Balance sheet

$51 billion in government bond purchases. Balance sheet of $279 billion.

Government payments

327 million payments totalling $671 billion for the Australian Government. 136,000 bushfire relief payments.


1.8 billion banknotes worth $90 billion. Launched the new $20 banknote.

Australian Government Earnings

Earnings of $2.6 billion paid to the Australian Government.

Employee numbers

1,384 employees working across 12 locations.

Female managers

Women currently hold 34 per cent of managerial positions. 43 per cent of employees are women.

Meetings and Presentations

Held almost 1,000 business liaison meetings. Held presentations to 5,000 students.