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RBA Glossary definition for year-ended growth

year-ended growth – The rate of change between the period and the equivalent period in the previous year, where the period is typically a month or a quarter. For example 'year-ended growth June 2012' means the percentage change between June 2011 and June 2012. It can also be referred to as 'growth over the year' or 'through-the-year growth'.

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The International Environment

4 Aug 2023 SMP – August 2023
The International Environment | Statement on Monetary Policy – August 2023


4 Aug 2023 SMP – August 2023
Inflation | Statement on Monetary Policy – August 2023

Economic Outlook

5 May 2023 SMP - May 2023 PDF 684KB


5 May 2023 SMP - May 2023 PDF 65KB

New Timely Indicators of Wages Growth

21 Sep 2023 Bulletin – September 2023
Nalini Agarwal, James Bishop, Matthew Fink, Jessica Geraghty and Yahdullah Haidar
Monitoring developments in wages is important for assessing the inflation outlook, as labour costs are a major factor in firms’ pricing decisions.

Wage Growth in Advanced Economies

15 Mar 2018 Bulletin – March 2018
Ivailo Arsov and Richard Evans
Inflation in this article is measured as the year-ended growth in the GDP deflator and inflation expectations are professional forecasters' expectations of year-ended consumer price inflation in six quarters ... Δu. t. is the change in the unemployment

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10 Nov 2007 SMP – November 2007
Employment growth. Unemployment rate. Year to October 2007. October 2006. October 2007. ... Table 14: Measures of Consumer Prices. Percentage change. Quarterly. Year-ended. June.

Domestic Economic Conditions

6 May 2022 SMP – May 2022
Graph 2.14. Table 2.1: Housing Price Growth. Percentage change, seasonally adjusted. April. ... March. February. January. Year-ended. Five-year growth. Sydney. 0.4. 0.5. 0.3. 0.7.


9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 721KB

Bulletin March Quarter 2023

8 Jun 2023 Bulletin - March 2023 PDF 7038KB