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RBA Glossary definition for year-ended growth

year-ended growth – The rate of change between the period and the equivalent period in the previous year, where the period is typically a month or a quarter. For example 'year-ended growth June 2012' means the percentage change between June 2011 and June 2012. It can also be referred to as 'growth over the year' or 'through-the-year growth'.

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Historical Forecasts

9 Mar 2023 Statistics
Historical Forecasts. These data tables contain the central estimates of the Bank's historical forecasts for consumer price inflation, underlying inflation, GDP growth and the unemployment rate since 1990. ... The Bank publicly releases these data with a


5 May 2023 SMP – May 2023
Inflation | Statement on Monetary Policy – May 2023

Economic Outlook

10 May 2018 SMP – May 2018
Taken together, the available information implies that GDP growth is currently around estimates of potential growth in year-ended terms. ... Year-ended. Dec 2017. Jun 2018. Dec 2018. Jun 2019. Dec 2019.

Domestic Economic Conditions

4 Nov 2022 SMP – November 2022
Auction clearance rates and turnover in most capital cities have declined since the beginning of the year, and survey expectations of housing price growth remain low. ... July. Year-ended. Five-year growth. Sydney. 1.5. 1.7. 1.9. 1.9. 8.6. 10.

Appendix B: Additional Growth-at-Risk Results

1 Mar 2021 RDP 2021-03
Luke Hartigan and Michelle Wright
Notes: ‘HFCE’ is the growth rate of real household final consumption expenditure, actual HFCE quarterly growth rate for 2020:Q2 is –12.1 per cent, actual HFCE year-ended growth rate ... per cent, actual HFCE year-ended growth rate for 2020:Q2 is -12
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List of tables

10 Aug 2007 SMP – August 2007
Growth. (a). 2005/06. 2006/07. 2007/08. Crops. 44. 31. 40. – Cereals. ... Table 14: Measures of Consumer Prices. Percentage change. Quarterly. Year-ended. March.

Domestic Economic Conditions

4 Aug 2023 SMP – August 2023
Domestic Economic Conditions | Statement on Monetary Policy – August 2023

Wealth and Consumption

21 Apr 2023 Bulletin - March 2019 PDF 456KB

The Growth of Asia and Some Implications for Australia

19 Oct 2009 Speech
Philip Lowe
Speech by Philip Lowe to Citi Australia Inaugural Australian Investment Conference, Sydney


5 May 2023 SMP – May 2023
Overview | Statement on Monetary Policy – May 2023