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RBA Glossary definition for weighted average issue yield

weighted average issue yield – The weighted average of successful yields at auction of Australian Government Securities. Yields are weighted by the share of the total amount sold that is allocated to each successful bidder.

RBA Glossary definition for yield

yield – The expected rate of return expressed as a percentage of the net outlay or net proceeds of an investment, not of its face value.

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Changes to Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
These include the aggregate value, weighted average and cut-off rates of US dollar repos dealt. ... Business lending rates – ‘weighted average interest rates on credit outstanding’ have been revised to incorporate additional data collected by the

A History of Australian Equities

1 Jun 2019 RDP 2019-04
Thomas Mathews
Until at least 1980 they represent a simple average of company dividend yields for those available, rather than the modern practice of being weighted by market capitalisation (in part to better ... This is roughly a percentage point lower than estimates
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Notes to and Forming Part of the Financials Statements

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
3.0. (a) Based on highly rated Australian dollar-denominated corporate bond yields. ... The weighted average duration of the defined benefit obligation for RB Super is 17 years (20 years at 30 June 2021).

Risk Management

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
The weighted-average benchmark duration target for the Banks total foreign portfolio was unchanged over 2021/22 at 6 months. ... Arrangements are in place to ensure staff are comfortable reporting concerns across a range of issues.

Appendix 1: Data

1 Jun 1992 RDP 9206
Philip Lowe and Thomas Rohling
The “wholesale rate” is a weighted average interest rate of fixed deposits greater than $50,000, certificates of deposits and foreign currency deposits. ... Weighted average. issue yield. Foreign. Currency. Foreign currency liabilities,. Table B.1.

List of tables

10 Sep 2006 FSR – September 2006
b) Weighted using market exchange rates. Sources: CEIC; Consensus Economics; IMF; RBA; Thomson Financial. ... Four largest banks, annual average value-at-risk, per cent of shareholders' funds.

The Australian Financial System

6 Apr 2023 FSR – April 2023
The Australian Financial System | Financial Stability Review – April 2023

The Term Funding Facility: Has It Encouraged Business Lending?

8 Dec 2022 RDP PDF 2133KB
rates (BBSW). (b) Face-value weighted monthly average. Sources: Bloomberg; Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.; KangaNews; RBA. ... b) Covered bonds trade at yields on average about 5 basis points below senior unsecured (domestic) bonds since 2019, but.

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 2003 Bulletin – May 2003
In trade-weighted terms this has brought the currency back to around its post-float average, after a number of years when it had been well below that level. ... Graph 11. While most countries experienced this cycle in bond yields, its severity varied.