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RBA Glossary definition for solvent institutions

solvent institutions – Institutions that maintain solvency (i.e. they can meet their financial obligations as they fall due).

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Liquidity, Financial Crises and the Lender of Last Resort – How Much of a Departure is the Sub-prime Crisis?

22 Oct 2008 Conferences PDF 148KB
RBA Conference Volume 2008

The Evolution of Risk and Risk Management – A Prudential Regulator's Perspective | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
John Laker
the contribution of each risk to the overall business profile of the institution. ... Economic capital for a banking institution can be thought of as the maximum amount of unexpected losses potentially arising from all sources that could be absorbed

Australian Banking Risk: The Stock Market’s Assessment and the Relationship Between Capital and Asset Volatility

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 458KB
If an institution fails, depositors in that institution may losefunds, and in particular circumstances, the failure could cause difficulties for otherfinancial institutions or turmoil in financial markets. ... Equity is described as a contingent claim

Appendix C: Should Bank Supervision Be Carried Out by the Central Bank or by a Separate Authority? | Submission to the Financial System…

6 Sep 1996 Submissions
Statements along the lines that ‘the Bank will ensure that the system has sufficient liquidity’ or that ‘in the Bank's opinion, a particular institution is solvent’ can, in certain circumstances, ... The central bank can also play a leadership


1 Nov 1999 RDP 1999-09
Marianne Gizycki and Brenton Goldsworthy
Financial institutions that are granted a banking licence benefit from being called a ‘bank’. ... For this reason, the firm can still be solvent with a capital-asset ratio less than zero.
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Statement on Monetary Policy

5 May 2023 SMP - May 2023 PDF 9302KB

The International Environment

5 May 2023 SMP - May 2023 PDF 2793KB

Remarks at Reserve Bank Board Dinner with the Perth Community

6 Sep 2018 Speech PDF 125KB

Liquidity and the Lender of Last Resort

15 Apr 2008 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Speech by Glenn Stevens to The Seventh Annual Sir Leslie Melville Lecture, ANU-Toyota Public Lecture Series 2008, HC Coombs Lecture Theatre, Australian National University, Canberra

Introduction to Capital Flows and the International Financial System

7 Dec 2006 Conferences PDF 30KB
RBA Conference Volume 1999