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RBA Glossary definition for solvent institutions

solvent institutions – Institutions that maintain solvency (i.e. they can meet their financial obligations as they fall due).

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Payments System Board

18 Sep 2023
This is convenient and efficient, but carries the risk that in the event of the bankruptcy of one of the parties, its administrator might ‘cherry pick’ and insist that solvent institutions ... Solvent parties would then receive little in return for

Finance and Economic Development

19 Dec 2006 Bulletin PDF 58KB
Address by Mr Glenn Stevens, Governor, to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Annual Dinner, Melbourne, 12 December 2006

The Asset-backed Commercial Paper Market

10 Jan 2008 Bulletin – January 2008
Susan Black
institutions, 22 per cent was prime RMBS, 13 per cent was CDOs, 8 per cent was commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and 2 per cent was US sub-prime RMBS. ... Graph 5. A conduit is able to draw on its contracted back-up liquidity facilities in the

Discussion on Banks, Markets and Liquidity | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
Once the first big bank failed, runs took place on several other institutions. ... And solvent institutions are always able to finance random liquidity demands by borrowing from other financial institutions or the central bank.

The Lucky Country

12 Sep 2012 Bulletin PDF 643KB
Address to The Anika Foundation Luncheon supported by Australian Business Economists and Macquarie Bank, Sydney, 24 July 2012

Financial Markets, Institutions and Liquidity | Conference – 2013

19 Aug 2013 Conferences
Franklin Allen and Elena Carletti
RBA Annual Conference – 2013 Financial Markets, Institutions and Liquidity Franklin Allen and Elena Carletti. ... institutions with higher profitability, higher capital ratios, and fewer problem loans pay lower rates.

Conclusion and Implications

1 Dec 1993 RDP 9315
Warren Tease and Jenny Wilkinson
solvent institutions. ... New financing techniques and financial instruments allow institutions, in principle, to manage risk better.
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The International Environment

5 May 2023 SMP – May 2023
The International Environment | Statement on Monetary Policy – May 2023

December: 1997-Glossary

9 Mar 2023 Media Release
a list of defined events, such as the appointment of a liquidator to that institution (see netting by novation and obligation netting). ... This failure may leave the solvent party with an unhedged or open market position or deny the solvent party


18 Dec 1997 Media Release PDF 268KB
For these institutions,current exposure equals the sum of their Status I and F trades. ... Many of the institutions surveyed are part of multinational organisations thatoperate globally, with global capital.