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RBA Glossary definition for polymer substrate

polymer substrate – The polymer (polypropylene) sheeting on which Australian and a range of other countries' banknotes are printed.

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New Banknotes: From Concept to Circulation

15 Sep 2016 Bulletin – September 2016
Phillip Fox, Cathy Liu and Amanda Martz
A core function of the Reserve Bank is to maintain public confidence in Australia's banknotes as a secure method of payment and store of wealth. To meet this objective, the Reserve Bank has been developing a new banknote series to upgrade the

A Cost-benefit Analysis of Polymer Banknotes

12 Dec 2019 Bulletin – December 2019
Max Wakefield, Luc Delaney and Richard Finlay
Australia was the first country to issue a full series of polymer banknotes, completed over 1992–96.


2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Recent Trends in Banknote Counterfeiting

16 Jun 2022 Bulletin – June 2022
Leigh Mann and Siddarth Roche
Counterfeiting of Australian banknotes is approaching its lowest level in a decade.

RBA Annual Report 2000 - Note Printing Australia

22 Feb 2001 Annual Report PDF 486KB
films. Securency markets and supplies its. press-ready polymer substrate, Guardian, to. ... Securency’s main customers for security. products using polymer substrate - other than.

Note Printing Australia and Securency

8 Sep 2005 RBA Annual Report – 2005
Five new denominations were launched on Guardian polymer substrate in the 2004/05 financial year. ... To broaden its market, Securency has successfully marketed polymer substrate for secure documents.

The Next Generation Banknote Project

20 Mar 2014 Bulletin – March 2014
Edward Kim and Terence Turton
A core function of the Reserve Bank is to maintain public confidence in the nation's banknotes so that they remain an effective means of payment and a secure store of wealth. This article discusses the Bank's counterfeit deterrence strategy and the

Security Printing: a Central Banker's Perspective – Welcome Address to High Security Printing Asia

5 Dec 2017 Speech
Lindsay Boulton
Speech delivered by Lindsay Boulton, Assistant Governor (Business Services), to the HSP Asia Conference, Melbourne

RBA Annual Report - Note Printing Australia

28 Aug 2001 Annual Report PDF 294KB
Securency supplies its press-ready polymer. substrate, Guardian, to NPA and to overseas. ... products using polymer substrate – other than. those supplied with currency notes through NPA. –

RBAFOI-192027 - Documents regarding cleanliness of bank notes and viruses

1 Jun 2020 PDF 766KB
polymer bank note cleanliness