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RBA Glossary definition for margin payment

margin payment – A payment made to meet a margin call, to cover an adverse movement in the price of physical assets, such as equities or units in managed funds, or derivatives, such as futures, options or swap contracts.

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Statistical Tables

7 Sep 2023 Statistics
International Banking Statistics – Banks & RFCs. Payments System. Money and Credit Statistics.


9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Special Topic – Margin | 2021/22 Assessment of ASX Clearing and Settlement Facilities

9 Mar 2023
2021/22 Assessment of ASX Clearing and Settlement Facilities

Margin Maintenance and Substitutions on Repurchase Agreements

15 May 2023
Margin transfer amounts will be rounded to the nearest $100,000. Securities delivered to the Reserve Bank to meet a margin call are delivered through the Austraclear System free-of-payment. ... 3. Income Payments. Consistent with the terms of the

Standard 6: Margin | Financial Stability Standards for Central Counterparties December 2012

9 Mar 2023
A central counterparty should have the authority and operational capacity to make intraday margin calls and payments, both scheduled and unscheduled, to participants. ... intraday variation margin payments.

June 2013 | Assessment against the Financial Stability Standards for Central Counterparties of LCH.Clearnet Limited's SwapClear Service

9 Mar 2023
review LCH's payment settlement arrangements; and confirm compliance with stated risk policies. ... Further, initial margin requirements on the positions of a participant's customer (i.e.

Central Counterparty Margin Frameworks

7 Dec 2017 Bulletin – December 2017
Louise Carter and Duke Cole
A central counterparty's (CCP's) margin framework can affect the activity of market participants and the broader functioning of the financial system. This potential impact on financial stability is an area of focus for authorities – in Australia

Economic Outlook

5 Aug 2022 SMP – August 2022
An increase in average hours worked, which remain below their pre-pandemic trend, is also expected to be a key margin of adjustment in response to strong labour demand. ... Indeed, retailers have indicated in liaison that they are now more willing to

Competition: Profitability and Margins | Conference – 1991

21 Jun 1991 Conferences
Les Phelps
Intuition suggests that a fair slice of “payments systems” costs must be loaded into this $3 margin per $100 of assets. ... Suffice to say at this juncture that margins on international business were slim relative to the average margin achieved in

Bank Interest Rate Margins

10 May 1992 Bulletin – May 1992
Graph 1C. As indicators of margins, however, these measures are simplistic and misleading. ... The most useful measure of banks' margins is the average net spread – i.e.