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RBA Glossary definition for margin loans

margin loans – Loans which are made to investors to purchase financial assets, usually equities or units in managed funds. These assets are used as security for the margin loan. Margin loan clients are required to keep the ratio of borrowings to the value of underlying security below a pre-arranged level. When the ratio goes above this level, lenders will make a margin call, requiring the borrower to either repay some of the loan or provide additional security to support the loan.

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10 Aug 2008 SMP – August 2008
End July 2007. Cash rate. 7.25. 0.00. 1.00. Housing loans. Prime-full doc. ... 0.30. 1.99. Non-conforming. 11.71. 0.15. 2.09. Personal loans. Margin loans. 10.54.

Recent Developments in Interest Rates on Bank Lending

10 Apr 1999 Bulletin – April 1999
At the same time, some banks also announced fixed risk margins for loans secured by commercial property or business assets. ... For ‘larger’ small business loans, margins in Australia might still be a little wider than in the United States.

Risk Management

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
The required margin is maintained throughout the term of the repo through daily two-way margining. ... the securities must be rated AAA and they attract a relatively high margin.


9 Mar 2023 Submissions
Index of Documents commissioned by or prepared for Parliament, its committees, and other public inquiries

Bank Interest Rate Margins

10 May 1992 Bulletin – May 1992
The process of setting a customer's margin above the relevant indicator rate varies with the size of the loan. ... For medium-sized loans (up to several million dollars), decisions on customer margins may be taken by regional managers.

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10 Feb 2008 SMP – February 2008
Margin loans. 9.66. 0.33. 0.69. Standard credit cards. 18.57. 0.39. 0.78. ... End Jul 2007. Cash rate. 6.75. 0.25. 0.50. Small business. Term loans.

The Australian Financial System

8 Apr 2021 FSR – April 2021
The end of APRA's concessional treatment for loan repayment deferrals in March will also lift loan arrears, as APRA's concession allowed most loans on deferral as part of a ... Graph 3.6. Current indications are that the increase in non-performing loans

The Changing Role of the Private Sector in China | Conference – 2016

18 Mar 2016 Conferences
Nicholas Lardy
lending is undertaken by smaller shareholding banks and city commercial banks that direct a much smaller share of their loans to state-owned firms. ... As a result, an increasingly larger share of corporate loans is going to private firms.

Domestic Financial Conditions

5 Nov 2020 SMP – November 2020
of the reductions apply to loans under the Australian Government's $40 billion SME loan guarantee scheme. ... Approval rates for housing loans are said to have remained high and banks report in liaison that the slight easing in lending requirements has

Is Monetary Policy Less Effective When Interest Rates Are Persistently Low? | Conference – 2017

16 Mar 2017 Conferences
Claudio Borio and Boris Hofmann
Lower rates increase the expected recovery from non-performing loans by reducing the discount factor. ... And fully controlling for the various influences, including weakness in loan demand, is not straightforward.