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RBA Glossary definition for macro economy

macro economy – The economy looked at as a whole or in terms of major components measured by aggregates such as gross domestic product, the balance of payments and related links, in the context of the national economy. This contrasts with microeconomics which focuses upon specific firms or industries.

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The Australian Macro-Economy in the 1980s

21 Jun 1990 Conference1990
The Reserve Bank of Australia 1990 conference is on the topic: ‘The Australian Macro-Economy in the 1980s’


2 May 2023
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9 Mar 2023 Conferences
The Bank's Economic Group holds an annual Conference, the proceedings of which are published. The Conference Volume, containing revised papers and discussions, is released in hard copy and on the website within three months of the conference

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9 Mar 2023
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Presentations | Education

4 May 2023
Our presentations enable teachers to take students through a variety of Economics concepts or explore the latest conditions in the Australian economy.

Introduction | Conference – 1990

21 Jun 1990 Conferences
Stephen Grenville
Taken together with the conference discussion, the papers provide a comprehensive picture of the Australian macro-economy in the 1980s, in the tradition of the Bank's 1979 Conference in Applied ... One important general thrust was to open the economy up

The Economics of Nostalgia

11 Feb 1997 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Talk by Ian Macfarlane to The Sydney Institute, Sydney

Internationalisation and the Macroeconomy | Conference – 1994

11 Jul 1994 Conferences
David Gruen and Geoffrey Shuetrim
Given the importance of the terms of trade for the Australian economy, both domestic demand and net exports also depend on the terms of trade in the Australian macro-model. ... We use the Australian macro-model to quantify these two effects as the degree

Evidence from a Small Empirical Macro Model

31 Dec 2002 RDP 2002-01
Guy Debelle and Jenny Wilkinson
RDP 2002-01: Inflation Targeting and the Inflation Process: Some Lessons from an Open Economy 3. ... Ryan and Thompson (2000) also examined the issue using a model of the Australian economy, in terms of simple policy rules.
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The Nature of Economy | Education

4 May 2023
Listing of RBA educational resource material under the topic 'The Nature of Economy'