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RBA Glossary definition for labour market

labour market – A collective term for employment, unemployment, participation rates and wages.

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Did Labour Market Concentration Lower Wages Growth Pre-COVID?

1 Mar 2023 RDP 2023-02
Jonathan Hambur
Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2023-02 Did Labour Market Concentration Lower Wages Growth Pre-COVID? ... This may help explain surprisingly low wages growth pre-COVID, despite labour market concentration having remained constant.
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Factors of Production and Labour Market | Chart Pack

5 Apr 2023 Chart Pack
A set of graphs on Factors of Production and Labour Market from the Chart Pack

Unemployment and the Australian Labour Market

9 Jun 1998 Conference1998
The Reserve Bank of Australia 1998 conference is on the topic: ‘Unemployment and the Australian Labour Market

Labour Market Adjustment: Evidence on Interstate Labour Mobility

1 Feb 1998 RDP 9801
Guy Debelle and James Vickery
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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Labour Market Turnover and Mobility

10 Dec 2012 Bulletin – December 2012
Patrick D'Arcy, Linus Gustafsson, Christine Lewis and Trent Wiltshire
between industries and their contributions to labour market adjustment over the past decade. ... This article highlights a number of stylised facts about the operation of the labour market.

The Australian Labour Market in the 1990s | Conference – 2000

21 Jun 1990 Conferences
Peter Dawkins
3. Labour Market Institutions and Policies in the 1990s. 3.1 Enterprise bargaining. ... Thus macroeconomic policy is of great importance as far as labour market outcomes are concerned.

Labour Market | Submissions

9 Mar 2023 Submissions
Index of Documents commissioned by or prepared for Parliament, its committees, and other public inquiries

What Works Among Active Labour Market Policies: Evidence from OECD Countries' Experiences | Conference – 1998

9 Jun 1998 Conferences
John P. Martin
We have been collecting comparable data on public spending on labour market measures since 1985. ... Table 3: Participants Inflows to Active Labour Market Programs. Percentage of the total labour force.

The Labour Market during the 2008–2009 Downturn

10 Mar 2010 Bulletin – March 2010
Michael Plumb, Mark Baker and Gareth Spence
Graph 7. Typically during a downturn in the labour market, labour force participation decreases. ... RBA (2004), ‘Box B: Indicators of Labour Market Tightness’,. Statement on Monetary Policy. ,

Videos | Education

4 May 2023
8 July 2022. Learn about the interactions between inflation and the labour market looking at both recent developments and historical experience. ... The Labour Market and Unemployment. 14 May 2020. A Video Explainer exploring concepts and issues related