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RBA Glossary definition for insolvency

insolvency – A situation where an entity has insufficient assets to cover the value of its liabilities, resulting in an inability to meet its financial obligations as they fall due.

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Household and Business Finances in Australia

6 Apr 2023 FSR – April 2023
Household and Business Finances in Australia | Financial Stability Review – April 2023


2 May 2023
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Household and Business Finances in Australia

8 Apr 2021 FSR – April 2021
Support measures have prevented business insolvencies not only through cash support, but also by giving businesses more time to wind down operations without entering into insolvency. ... of any business insolvencies for households through a reduction in

Household and Business Finances in Australia

8 Oct 2021 FSR – October 2021
Temporary insolvency relief measures and income support policies had kept insolvencies at very low levels in the second half of 2020, both by providing liquidity and giving distressed businesses time to ... secured by residential property, meaning that

Household and Business Finances

8 Apr 2022 FSR – April 2022
An ICR below 2 has historically been associated with an increased risk of insolvency. ... However, company insolvencies started to rise through last year. Construction accounted for close to one-quarter of insolvencies over 2021.

Household and Business Finances in Australia

7 Oct 2022 FSR – October 2022
Overall, company insolvencies have picked up, although they remain slightly lower than pre-pandemic levels. ... Historically, firms with an ICR below two have tended to be at higher risk of insolvency.

Developments in the Financial System Infrastructure

10 Mar 2008 FSR – March 2008
This process will most likely be ongoing. There have recently been a number of changes to the insolvency laws arising from the. ... Corporations Amendment (Insolvency) Act 2007. that have strengthened the rights of creditors of a company placed in

Institutional Background

30 Nov 2016 RDP 2016-09
Rose Kenney, Gianni La Cava and David Rodgers
By international standards, the Australian corporate insolvency system ranks highly in its ability to resolve company failures. ... Nor are we interested in examining how the insolvency system affects the overall probability of company failure.
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At a Glance: Financial Stability Review – October 2022

7 Oct 2022 FSR
This is especially evident in the construction industry, where insolvencies have risen from low levels.


6 Apr 2023 FSR – April 2023
Overview | Financial Stability Review – April 2023