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RBA Glossary definition for indicative mid rates

indicative mid rates – The daily schedule of annual returns expressed as a percentage of the prices of specific fixed-coupon bonds, capital-indexed bonds and Treasury notes issued by the Australian Government. They are closing rates as sourced from Yieldbroker Pty Limited (except for Treasury Indexed Bond yields prior to 18 September 2013, which are 4.30 pm mid-rates sourced from a survey of bond dealers by the RBA).

RBA Glossary definition for Indicative

Indicative – Data are not necessarily observed but calculated from reference points. For a financial asset or product, an �indicative� price may not necessarily correspond to the price at which dealers in that market would execute transactions; for an example see Notes for Table F11.

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24 May 2023 Statistics
Lending rates; Securitised housing loans; Average outstanding variable rate; Owner-occupier; Interest Only. ... The table name for yields from the start of 2016 to present has also been changed to Indicative Mid Rates of Australian Government Securities

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31 Mar 2023 Statistics
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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

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9 Mar 2023 Statistics
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9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-02
Transactions in Australian Government Securities and Semis), F1 (Interest Rates and Yields – Money Market – Daily) and F16 (Indicative Mid Rates of Australian Government Securities). ... Some similar data are available in the RBA's statistical tables

Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 1997 Bulletin – May 1997
Both the quarterly and annual rates were unchanged from the previous quarter, and the annual rate is now well below the recent peak of 3.3 per cent reached in the ... Falls in mortgage interest rates detracted 0.5 of a percentage point from the quarterly

Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Nov 1997 Bulletin – November 1997
Exchange rates in these four countries have now fallen by between 25 and 40 per cent since mid 1997. ... Households appear to have lifted their saving rate a little over the past year or so, after a period of several years in which saving rates fell.

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17 Jan 1997 Media Releases
Announcement that Australia has recently subscribed, along with over thirty other countries, to the International Monetary Fund's Special Data Dissemination Standard

The Evolving Structure of the Australian Financial System | Conference – 1996

9 Jul 1996 Conferences
Malcolm Edey and Brian Gray
to money-market rates and this means that the difference between the two is likely to be largest at the bottom of the interest rate cycle. ... Secondly, abstracting from cyclical movements, both deposit and lending rates have moved upward relative to the

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