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RBA Glossary definition for floating exchange rate

floating exchange rate – Exchange rates determined by market forces based on the demand for and supply of a currency.

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Speech to Asia Pacific Forex Congress

27 Nov 1998 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Speech by Ian Macfarlane to Asia Pacific Forex Congress, Sydney

Volatility of the Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

1 Dec 1990 RDP 9010
Lindsay F. Boulton, Mardi H. Dungey and Melissa B. Parkin
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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Major Influences on the Australian Dollar Exchange Rate

12 Feb 2007 Conferences PDF 242KB
RBA Conference Volume 1993

International and Foreign Exchange Markets

10 Feb 2007 SMP – February 2007
Volatility in the major exchange rates has continued to remain at low levels over the past year (Graph 22). ... The range was only slightly wider than that recorded in 2005 which was the lowest in the floating exchange rate period.

China’s Evolving Monetary Policy Framework in International Context

4 Dec 2019 RDP PDF 1923KB
of the exchange rate (e.g. Geiger 2006; Laurens and Maino 2007; Koivu 2009; Mehrotra and. ... exchange rate, sectoral – are each capable of being adjusted in a timely and reinforcing manner, in.

Foreign Exchange Market Intervention

10 Dec 2011 Bulletin – December 2011
Vicki Newman, Chris Potter and Michelle Wright
The infrequency of foreign exchange market intervention by the RBA reflects the Bank's views of the benefits of a freely floating exchange rate: exchange rate adjustments play an important role ... to gain a better understanding of how it operated under

Bulletin March Quarter 2023

8 Jun 2023 Bulletin - March 2023 PDF 7038KB

Recent Influences on the Exchange Rate

9 Nov 2000 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Address by Ian Macfarlane to the CEDA Annual General Meeting Dinner, Melbourne

Problems and Challenges of International Capital Flows

7 Dec 2000 Conferences PDF 20KB
In fact, few if any, economically smalland internationally exposed nations find freely floating exchange rates a feasiblesystem. ... Theysimply have no satisfactory currency to which to peg. At the same time, freely floating exchange rates for small open

Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: A Generalization

3 Dec 2007 Research Workshop PDF 323KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Workshop 2007: Monetary Policy in Open Economies