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RBA Glossary definition for financial institution

financial institution – A company whose primary function is to intermediate between lenders and borrowers in the economy.

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Table 1: Financial Institutions Shares of Total Assets | Submission to the Inquiry into the Australian Banking Industry – January 1991 |…

1 Jan 1991 Submissions
Submission to the Inquiry into the Australian Banking Industry – January 1991 Table 1: Financial Institutions Shares of Total Assets. ... c) General insurance offices, Intra-group financiers, Co-operative housing societies and Other financial

The Bank's Relationships with Financial Institutions | Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report - 1987

30 Jun 1987 Annual Report
Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1987 The Bank's Relationships with Financial Institutions. ... During the year, requirements for bank capital were reviewed in the light of the rapidly changing financial environment.

Changes to Statistical Tables

4 Sep 2023 Statistics
Assets of Financial Institutions – B01. Finance Companies & General Financiers – Selected Assets & Liabilities – B10. ... Assets; Other managed funds; Friendly societies. Assets; Other financial institutions; General insurance offices.

Developments to Date

1 Dec 1993 RDP 9315
Warren Tease and Jenny Wilkinson
Non-bank financial institutions provide about 20 per cent of corporate debt funding with a further 20 per cent being raised from the rest of the world. ... How did these changes in the size and structure of the private sector's balance sheets relate to
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Sectoral Studies of Portfolio Behaviour

1 Sep 1979 RDP 7902
W.H. Evans
Kiernan (1978) considers the financial asset allocation of the total non-official sector. ... liquid assets. Apart from the studies using full econometric models, which are discussed in Section 3, the only complete portfolio studies of Australian
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The Changing Australian Retail Payments Landscape

10 Jul 2003 Bulletin – July 2003
to financial institutions; GDES now handles more than 200 million direct entry payments per year. ... around twice the cost of using ATMs of the customer's financial institution.

The Structure and Resilience of the Financial System

10 Nov 2007 Bulletin – November 2007
There have also been important changes in the ways in which financial institutions measure and manage their risks, spurred on by regulatory efforts. ... They also point out that financial institutions' risk management practices have been altered by these

Identifying Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions

17 Dec 2014 Bulletin December Quarter 2014 PDF 1091KB

Reform of the ATM System – One Year On

10 Jun 2010 Bulletin – June 2010
Brendan Filipovski and Darren Flood
Prior to the reforms, the cardholder's financial institution paid a fee (known as an interchange fee) to the ATM owner. ... While the number of financial institutions offering unlimited free access to ATMs has been reduced, the reforms do not prevent an

Developments in the Financial System Architecture

20 Oct 2017 FSR – October 2017
Much of the work aimed at building resilient financial institutions, namely the Basel III capital and liquidity reforms, has been completed. ... Another area of focus has been mitigating misconduct risk. CFR agencies continue to monitor and encourage