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RBA Glossary definition for financial disturbance

financial disturbance – An event or incident, which causes a significant loss of confidence by depositors or investors in a financial institution or a disruption to financial markets.

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Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2021

29 Sep 2022 RBA Annual Report 2021 PDF 6721KB

Credit Risk and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model

20 Nov 2009 Research Workshop PDF 727KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Research Workshop 2009

Australian Financial Markets

27 Aug 1999 Speech
Ric Battellino
Speech by Ric Battellino to the Conference: ‘The Future of the Australian Debt Market Beyond 2000’, Canberra

Bulletin June Quarter 2022

26 Sep 2022 Bulletin - June 2022 PDF 9310KB

Trends in the Australian Banking System: Implications for Financial System Stability and Monetary Policy

1 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 156KB
This captures both theprobability of various financial disturbances and the size of the macroeconomiccosts arising from such disturbances. ... episode. We assume that thepolicy-maker faces an uncertain world, but knows the macroeconomic costs thatcould


1 May 1994 RDP 9402
Karen Mills, Steven Morling and Warren Tease
q = Tobin's ‘q’. C = cash flows. L = stock of liquid financial assets. ... This suggests that the extent to which financial disturbances may affect investment in the future may be reduced.
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Financial Stability Review October 2018

6 Feb 2020 FSR October 2018 PDF 2096KB

The Reserve Bank of Australia – Post Wallis

28 Oct 1999 Speech
John Laker
Keynote lecture by John Laker to the Monash University Law School Foundation, Melbourne

Smells Like Animal Spirits: The Effect of Corporate Sentiment on Investment

30 Nov 2021 RDP 2021-11
Gianni La Cava
broad-based weakness in business investment observed since the global financial crisis (GFC). ... The end-of-year financial report is typically released a couple of months after the relevant financial year.
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Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 1999

4 Nov 2014 RBA Annual Report 1999 PDF 2712KB