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RBA Glossary definition for financial disturbance

financial disturbance – An event or incident, which causes a significant loss of confidence by depositors or investors in a financial institution or a disruption to financial markets.

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Submission to the Financial System Inquiry

10 Sep 1996 Bulletin – September 1996
The RBA welcomes the Government's decision to hold a Financial System Inquiry. ... This could have implications for the public purse in the event of a financial disturbance (or even a large fall in asset values).

Role of the Reserve Bank in Maintaining Financial Stability

9 Mar 2023
In fulfilling its mandate to promote financial system stability, the Reserve Bank has a role both in mitigating the risk of financial disturbances with potentially systemic consequences, and in responding in ... the event that a financial system

Regulating the New Financial Markets | Conference – 1996

9 Jul 1996 Conferences
Richard Dale
It is, above all, their alleged susceptibility to contagious disturbances that distinguishes financial institutions from non-financial firms. ... Increasingly, the danger of systemic disturbances and contagious disorders is invoked by regulators as the

Financial-asset Prices and Monetary Policy: Theory and Evidence | Conference – 1997

21 Jul 1997 Conferences
Frank Smets
First, all agents (the central bank, wage setters and financial-market participants) know the parameters and the distribution of the disturbances of the model. ... In contrast, policy rates need to move strongly in response to financial shocks.

Discussion on The Australian Financial System in the 1990s | Conference – 2000

21 Jun 1990 Conferences
In addition, they indicate that future financial disturbances will tend to come from financial markets rather than financial institutions. ... First, will banks and other financial institutions be a less important source of financial disturbances in the

The Australian Economy in the 1990s

24 Nov 2006 Conferences PDF 1117KB
RBA Conference Volume 2000

Change and Constancy in the Financial System: Implications for Financial Distress and Policy | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
Claudio Borio
of financial imbalances that at some point unwind, inflicting damage on the economy. ... There has been a blurring of distinctions among different types of financial intermediary.

Monitoring Financial System Stability

26 Feb 2001 Bulletin PDF 99KB
However, it would beunrealistic – and even inappropriate – toexpect that central banks will be able toprevent all financial disturbances. ... Leaving aside the possible role of monetarypolicy, central banks have ways of mitigatingthe impact of

Our People

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
The Bank uses surveys such as the Financial Institutions Remuneration Group, Aon Hewitt and Mercer for remuneration and benefit benchmarking. ... 476,797. 9,392. 38,189. 88,062. 15,953. –. –. 628,393. Christopher Kent. Assistant Governor, Financial

RBAFOI-212218 - Documents detailing research into outcomes from various inquiries

28 Apr 2022 PDF 556KB
Wallis and Campbell inquiries