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RBA Glossary definition for equity market

equity market – A market where investors buy and sell securities providing ownership of a company's shares.

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The Australian Equity Market over the Past Century

20 Jun 2019 Bulletin – June 2019
Thomas Mathews
This article describes developments in the Australian equity market over the past century, drawing in part from a newly compiled historical dataset which begins in 1917.

Domestic Financial Markets

10 Aug 2010 SMP – August 2010
Throughout this time, conditions within the domestic money markets have remained liquid and orderly. ... In recent weeks as market pessimism has abated, yields have rebounded from their lows.

Australian Financial Markets

10 May 1996 Bulletin – May 1996
Graph 4. The globalisation of financial markets has seen an increasing foreign presence in the Australian equity market. ... Table 7 summarises data on turnover, liquidity and market capitalisation for the main equity markets in 1995.

Domestic Financial Markets and Conditions

10 May 2007 SMP – May 2007
Competitive pressures continue to be evident in the business loan market (Graph 58). ... Recent takeover activity, both announced and speculated, has probably also provided support to equity prices.

Non-technical summary for 'Monetary Policy, Equity Markets and the Information Effect'

20 Apr 2021 RDP PDF 395KB
RDP 2021-04 non-technical summary

Developments in Emerging Equity Markets

15 Dec 2010 Bulletin PDF 620KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin December Quarter 2010

Private Equity Market in Australia

19 Jun 2002 Bulletin PDF 70KB
Why Companies use PrivateEquity Funding. The private equity market mainly attractssmall companies with limited access tointernal funds or bank loans. ... Sources: AVCJ; BVCA; BVK; CVCA; 3i/PwC Global PrivateEquity 2001; RBA. The Private Equity Market in

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 2005 Bulletin – May 2005
Statement on Monetary Policy-May 2005

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Aug 2005 Bulletin – August 2005
Statement on Monetary Policy-August 2005

Australian Financial Market Volatility: An Exploration of Cross-country and Cross-market Linkages

1 Nov 1996 RDP 9609
Tro Kortian and James O'Regan
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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